Fandom Sports App makes it Bigger, Major Announcement Coming

Santa Monica, California, September 28, 2016 – Fandom Sports Media (OTCQB: FDMSF), the developer of the groundbreaking Fandom Sports App, is gearing up to make big waves in the sporting world. The company is currently in talks with, and will soon announce a new member to the board of directors, who has been responsible for one of the most successful game apps. The stellar personality has also revealed his admiration for the Fandom app and the formal induction is expected to take place very soon.

Fandom Sports Media had earlier announced that legendary UFC personality Don Frye will join Fandom Sports with a twice weekly show interacting with fans on the Sports Fandom App. With other celebrities, hall of fame athletes and marketing experts joining in, the new app is thus poised to become an essential communication medium for every sports fan.

Every sports fan today wants to be heard. Giving them a voice and a platform never seen before is Fandom Sports Media, whose much awaited Fandom Sports App is now all set for a grand opening. The app will allow sports lovers to do everything they’ve always wanted – build a fan base, argue and express their points, broadcast comments, and more.

The Fandom Sports App is where social networking meets sports. The app will give everyone a platform to share, compare, celebrate and ponder over hot topics related to their favorite teams with people from all over the world, game by game, play by play. The app features interactive debates and ‘off the field’ content for hardcore fans, gamers, and sports enthusiasts, who will be able to interact with players, coaches, and celebrities. Making it even more special, players and teams too will be able to interact with fans and celebrate important occasions and talk about their performance.

In what is expected to become one of the most popular social networking platforms, the Fandom app will target 75 million sports fans, a huge customer base that also makes it ripe for investment. The app will generate revenue through advertising, licensing, partnerships with sports brands and sponsorship deals. The app is also designed to work as a widget which can be used as a ‘white label’ plug-in by sports teams in their own apps.

“We’re like that fun guy or girl at the sports bar or Super Bowl party that everyone wants to hang out with. Fun, friendly, smart, and entertaining. The Fandom Sports App is like a sports bar in the palm of your hand,” said Blair Naughty, CEO, Fandom Sport Media.

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