CAG Featured As the Best Portable Diesel Generator Manufacturer in China

China Artex Group (C.A.G) is pleased to announce that they have been featured as the best portable diesel generator manufacturer in China. This is after a survey that was conducted in the months of July, August and September, 2016.

 Since 2015, China Artex Group (C.A.G) has attended various expos to showcase their portable diesel generators. These include the Feicon Batimat (March 10th to 14th, 2015) in Brazil, the MITEX Moscow (November, 10th to 14th, 2015) and the International Hardware Fair Cologne (March 6th to 8th, 2016).

“As always, we are committed to manufacturing and incorporating modern technology to boost performance and efficiency of all our generators,” said Ross, C.A.G. head of supply management. “Our global partners can choose from C.A.G. diesel engines, portable generators, water pumps, tamping rammers, plate compactor and flow saw, among other innovative products. Whether you are looking for a Euro-EMC, LVD, CE or American – EPA compliant equipment, C.A.G. has a perfect solution for you.”

China Artex Group (C.A.G) launched a number of portable generators with robust features to meet the dynamic requirement of the customers. These include the TPC and TP series. Broadly, they are classified as: small, silent, 3 phase and welder diesel generators.

C.A.G has over 13 different portable generators that are top selling brands:

Portable generator series available

Options available

Max power output (kw)


TPC 6500, TPC 7500 and TPC 8500

5.0, 6.0 and 6.5



2.0 at 50Hz and 2.5 at 60Hz



4.5 at 50Hz and 5.0 at 60Hz



5.0 at 50Hz and 5.5 at 60Hz



6.0 at 50Hz and 6.5 at 60Hz

Luxy Series (TP2500LDG/E)


2.0 at 50Hz and 2.5 at 60Hz

Luxy Series(TP3500LDG/E)


3.0 at 50Hz and 3.5 at 60Hz

Luxy Series(TP5500LDG/E)


4.5 at 50Hz and 5.0 at 60Hz

Luxy Series (TP6500LDG/E)


5.0 at 50Hz and 5.5 at 60Hz

Luxy Series (TP7500LDG/E)


6.0 at 50Hz and 6.5 at 60Hz

210A (TP6500DGW)


Welding range 50A to 210A powered by 12 hp engine



3.0 at 50Hz and 3.5 at 60Hz



4.0 at 50Hz and 4.5 at 60Hz



5.0 at 50Hz and 5.5 at 60Hz



6.0 at 50Hz and 6.5 at 60Hz


V-twin engine air cooled (2V86/812cc)

10 kva

The China Artex Group (C.A.G) portable generators feature a unique V-twin engine, air cooled technology. The company has invested in mobile light towers with 4x400W metal halide lamps.

“We are confident that our portable diesel generators will provide a permanent solution for places prone to power outages whenever there is storm or hurricanes that destroy power lines,” reaffirmed Ross.

About China Artex Group (C.A.G)

China Artex Group (C.A.G) manufactures and supplies diesel power machinery, gasoline power equipment and construction equipment. Since the inception of C.A.G., it has adhered to a quality manufacturing process that conforms to the Euro-EMC, LVD, CE and American -EPA standards.

In 2010, China Artex Group opened a new subsidiary company focusing on both manufacturing and researching on engine-driven light construction equipment. It has also opened a showroom in Johannesburg and partnered with WASP.

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