Myths About Washington DC Marijuana Addiction

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When it comes to marijuana, there is a continuing debate as to whether it is good, bad, illegal, or legal

Marijuana addiction is still widely misunderstood, and there are several myths about Washington DC marijuana addiction that need debunking.

Myth #1: Marijuana is not addictive. Marijuana qualifies, under currently accepted medical guidelines, as an addictive drug. The body develops tolerance, it is difficult for many to stop, and many people spend considerable time trying to find their next supply. Marijuana can also cause sleep loss and appetite cravings. These are medically accepted symptoms and signs of an addiction. Studies indicate that nine percent of all marijuana users will become addicted to the drug at some point in their life.

Myth #2: Marijuana is highly addictive. It may not be as addictive as alcohol, cocaine, heroin, or tobacco, but it is addictive. In truth, marijuana symptoms are typically less severe than other drugs.

Myth #3: Teen marijuana addiction is on the rise. While it might be popular among teens, it appears to have leveled off. There is also the quiet debate that marijuana addiction among teens is one reason to make marijuana legal. The reality is that teens should not have access to marijuana in the first place. It is far too easy for kids to get marijuana in today’s world.

There is an ongoing debate as to how bad marijuana addiction really is. Some smoke marijuana their entire lives and seem and are able to quit at will. Others, struggle with the addiction for years before the bubble bursts.

Getting Help for Marijuana Addiction

For those who make the decision to get help, the best solution is an addiction facility. There, patients will benefit from the experience and knowledge of qualified clinicians who understand and can treat addiction in its many forms. Detox is the first step and will remove harmful chemicals from the body. Doctors at the drug clinic will decide if the patient will be placed in an inpatient or outpatient program for best results. Inpatient programs are intense and offer 24/7 support and medications. Outpatient programs, while less intense, are just as effective and offer counseling and cognitive therapies as well. Patients are allowed to return home each day at the end of each session and resume something of a normal life.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is an effective and proven method to help patients make the connection between thought and behavior. It also helps patients to develop coping skills that will put depression and stress in check, which are triggers that can lead to relapse. Anyone who has used marijuana for a length of time is in danger of being addicted without realizing it. The best course of action is to seek clinical help with professionals who understand and can treat the addiction. Realizing that help is needed is the first brave step. Detox and rehab, followed by aftercare, are the programs that can help addicted individuals get back on road to recovery. A life is a terrible thing to waste and there are is no upside to addiction.

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