Hanniu Laser presents a variety of advanced laser devices globally

Hanniu Laser supplies wide range of laser machines at fixed prices. All its products meet the standard international certification norms.

Machines running on laser technology have good demand in different industrial activities. There are many agencies that manufacture laser devices using quality spare parts. Hanniu Equipment Co Ltd which is commonly referred to as Hanniu laser is one such company that manufactures laser machines for different activities under the supervision of first class scientific and technological staffs. The company has its own advanced manufacturing plant to provide customers with a complete set of laser processing solutions by offering the appropriate machines of their needs and expectations. All its products arrive with a reasonable price and good stability to deliver powerful function under all circumstances. The company adopts strict quality control measures at every production stage to supply the reliable products to consumers.

Guangzhou HanNiu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

The company offers laser cutting machine of different series to meet diverse industrial needs of the clients. These machines have been specially designed for cutting both metals and non-metals quite effectively. These machines comprise of great power and high speed to ensure fast cutting down of objectives within short period of time. Features and specifications of all these machines are thoroughly mentioned in the official website of the company. These machines do enjoy a higher precision level over the traditional metal cutting devices. Laser rays coming out of these machines progress quickly because of high feed rates and equipment speed. Workers can also cut multiple jobs in one by storing inventory on site. These machines have great application in garment industry as fabric cutter, in medicine as a medical tool and so on.

Its K9060 laser engraving machine is specialized in cutting and engraving various non-metal items. The interior portion of this machine comprises of many laser tubes and performs well under all circumstances. Laser beams coming out of this machine can do engraving, cutting, punching, hollowing and other processing for a variety of textile, fabrics and garment accessories etc. The machine comes with high power air pump that can prevent the hot temperature of the materials. The device also features a powerful water cooling system that can cool down the higher temperature level to protect the laser tube. The firm utilizes fast shipping options to ensure swift delivery of the ordered items.

TF200 Laser welding machine of the company is ideal for welding the materials of stainless steel and iron. The machine has extensive application in advertisement and jewelry industry. It arrives with foot panel to control the laser power working. It also allows users to alter the laser power according to the thickness of materials.

About Hanniu Machinery Equipment Co Ltd

Hanniu Machinery Equipment Co Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of laser machines for different industrial activities. All its products are quality certified. To know more, customers can visit the website of this company.

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