Since6sapp is a frontline distributor and retailer of iPhone cases in Australia

Since6sapp founded in the year 2014 has been focusing on the Australian market for promoting its iPhone and iPad cases as well as other iPhone accessories.

An iPhone takes its own pride of place in the world of smartphones. Not only does this premium smartphone brand from Apple Inc enable the user to effectively plan his entire workday and stay in touch with everybody who matters but also amplify his persona. So, it goes without saying that an iPhone owner would walk the extra mile to keep one of his priciest possessions safe and secure. At the least, the individual would sheath his expensive smartphone in a sturdy casing or jacket to guard the same from accidental bumps, grazes, and falls as well as keep it free from dust particles, grimes, and stains. Since6sapp is an established online retailer of iPhone cases Australia and the firm deals in smartphone cases embossed with logos of topnotch designers including Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Gucci.     

As an iPhone 6 Australia epitomize personal magnetism and stylishness, this vanguard web-based seller ensures that the casings it retails perfectly corresponds with the phones’ high-profile appeal. To elaborate, each and every one of the designer sleeve is stitched out of the best grade of leather and/or plastic making the product extremely hardwearing. Additionally, the cases are designed in a remarkably meticulous manner that allows the user to encase the iPhone completely. So, once the phone is placed inside the case, it remains thoroughly secure and safeguarded. The design specifics also take into consideration the imperativeness of chipping out immaculate holes and niches to let the user have easy access to all buttons and ports inbuilt into the phone.

Since6sapp is a frontline distributor and retailer of iPhone cases in Australia

Since6sapp stocks and retails premium quality skins and sleeves for iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and so on. Every case is handcrafted from pure leather by skilled craftsmen and the finishing is so perfect that the casing can be preserved as collector items. The web-based retailer also makes sure that the products are affordable and don’t burn a hole in the pockets of customers. For instance, a particular sleeve of iPhone 6s Australia-the Louis Vuitton Fashion Damier iPhone 6s Plus Wallet Cove costs $44.60. The casing is perfect for the 4.7” iPhone 6s Plus. Sewn out of genuine leather, the case is extremely lightweight and ultra slim. Installing it quite effortless as one just needs to slip in the phone inside the sleeve and push it down gently.

Furthermore, the user has access to 3 pockets or chambers carved out in the iPhone 6s plus Australia casing where he or she can comfortably slot in debit/credit cards, checkbooks, spare cash, coins, and so on. The jackets have a magnetic lock system that straps shuts the casings securely.


Since6sapp is a popular supplier of casings for a suite of iPhone and iPad models in Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, and other Australian cities.

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