An Exclusive New Premium Social Media Website Developed Only For The Super Rich

Brand new social media site developed exclusively for the super rich.

A brand new‚ flashy and premium social media website has been developed for exclusive use of the world’s super rich community. MadeOfBillions is a social media platform that has been developed for those who have millions and billions in their accounts and lead a super duper rich lifestyle. The exclusivity of the website can be gauged from the fact that intending members must fork out a cool million dollars.

“We have developed a premium social media lifestyle exclusively for the super rich who lead a lifestyle that spells extreme luxury‚” says the spokesperson for MadeOfBillions while releasing more details of the portal. “Soon‚ the super rich will have a great place to tom-tom about their indulgences and spending. Unlike the social media websites of the day‚ will comprise of a network of only super rich friends.”

The super rich community on MadeOfBillions will receive private adverts directly targeted and sent to them. They will also receive secret invitations to interesting and exciting events hosted by the mega rich. Members are free to create their own secret events on the website and share them with other super rich friends.

According to the website spokesperson‚ will also offer its members full facilities available on current social networks such as sharing of pictures, videos, statuses and more. Members will be able to create their own TV and Web show. The social media website will take care of shooting the movie, editing and other aspects of production. Members can choose any theme they want to as long as it reflects the various elements of their super rich lifestyle. is undoubtedly a brilliant platform for the super rich and the super successful to become super famous. will also show publicly who are on its list with consent from the concerned members. This provides members the opportunity to show off their money and share their amazing lifestyle with others. The social media site presents the perfect platform for the super rich to indulge in what they love to do the most – boast about their luxury lifestyle‚ their expensive cars‚ the late night parties and other luxury activities like exclusive vacations to exotic destinations and much more. will give the subscribers the convenience of creating their own unique social network account where they can show off their pictures, images, videos, posts, and comments. They can get advertisements of products/services designed exclusively for the rich only. They can invite their super rich friends to create accounts on the website and develop their own special network of billionaire friends.

Custom Plague will be sent directly to the members’ page to prove that ‘YOU ARE MADEOFBILLIONS’ to show off on the website.   There are many other features and facilities available for the super rich on MadeOfBillions.

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