Utah student set to market new hidden pocket concept

Four backers have given $385 of the $7700 Taylor Neilson is seeking to finance the marketing of his new clothing concept, a shirt with the hidden pocket, by Nov. 03, 2016.

“Our passion is to make fashion forward clothes that are ready for any travel adventure – business or pleasure,” Neilson said.

Neilson collaborated with clothing veteran Evan Glassman in his small business, T. Neils Clothing, based in Salt Lake City.

“Glassman brings over 25 years of multidisciplinary design to our table, with a multitude of completed projects in fine and applied arts,” Neilson said. 

The hidden pocket in the new company’s start-up product, “The Traveller,” is set in the seam on the right side. The idea includes a concealed zipper that allows the wearer to hide small articles in the pocket. According to Neilson the hidden pocket is meant to conceal small items like cash and a passport that can be easily accessible yet safe from theft or accident loss.

“Whether we are closing the deal abroad or exploring a new city, we need a shirt that looks good, performs well but also keeps safe that which is important to us,” Neilson stated. “It’s the little details that make all the difference and that is what our brand is all about. We make the small changes that make a big impact and this shirt is only the beginning for us.”

T. Neil Clothing’s Kickstarter campaign includes several levels of donations with rewards from $5 to $250. Pledges $45 and above come with at least one of the company’s shirts, and more at higher levels.

The fabric is in stock. When the Kickstarter funding is fulfilled addresses and sizing will be taken and manufacture will begin.

“Taylor has also taken a keen interest in clothing and men’s fashion, and been focused on the sweet spot of where fashion and style intersect with clothing that wears and functions well as active wear,” Glassman stated. “We started with white because everyone needs a good basic shirt – one that they can count on.”

Taylor Neilson is a Bio-engineering student at the University of Utah.

Glassman setup his design shop in Salt Lake City in 2015, after moving from Santa Fe NM. His past clients have included the Chicago Cubs, Rockwell Group, Chicago Transit Authority, and numerous other public and private people and organizations.

Neilson and Glassman, with other talent on their team in SLC, set up T Neils Clothing. The company has positioned itself to bring clients clothing that they love to wear, and that serves them well, while looking great, according to Glassman.

“We needed something better than an average travel shirt, so we found one of the best manufacturers that works with the big brands like Tommy Hilfiger to bring you a fashionable product that has more function to it than other shirts,” Glassman stated.

Go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1750486752/tneils-hidden-pocket-shirt?ref=PatronPress.com to make a pledge or for more information.

Kickstarter has served as an online platform since 2009 for people who want to promote and raise start-up capital for their creative ideas.

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