Washington DC Drug Treatment for Teens Addresses a Growing Problem

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For teens, drug use among teens could be getting worse

Parents are beginning to express doubts if school will ever be drug-free. Surveys indicate that a growing number of teens say they attend highs schools with drug problems. This increase includes both middle and high school. As many as 80 percent of all teens surveyed say they have witnessed the sale, use, or possession of illegal drugs on school grounds. Many teens experiment with marijuana, which can lead to more harmful drugs later in life. There is a widespread belief that marijuana is not as harmful as other drugs. It may be that the medical legalization of marijuana in certain parts of the country enforces that belief. Both parents and teens can count on the fact that Washington DC drug treatment for teens addresses a growing problem.

An alarming number of teens believe the following about marijuana:

  • 60 percent believe that efforts to make school campuses drug-free are unrealistic.
  • As much as 90 percent of all parents think that drugs are a huge part of the college experience. Yet, only 30 percent feel that their own teens will abuse drugs.
  • Teens that view themselves as popular are more likely to experiment with drugs than those who do not. Ego and peer pressure has a lot to do with how teens view themselves, drug experimentation and abuse.

Unfortunately, as drug use increases among teens, the number of teens who are concerned seems to shrink. This is likely the case because drug use has become so common among middle school and high school students. Getting high and drunk have become a part of the high school experience. As a result, parents are trapped between feelings of despair and denial. Many parents know there is a growing drug problem in schools. Other parents simply bury their head in the sand and hope their children will not be affected.

Clinical Help for Addicted Teens

No parent wants to face the reality their teen is addicted to drugs. Signs that a teen may be abusing drugs include a change in appearance, a sudden need for additional money, a change in their social network (they start hanging out with teens parents may not know), and a reluctance to introduce those teens to their parents. Teens abusing drugs will also display a change in their sleep and eating habits. Their appetite, depending on their drug of use, will either increase or decrease. An addicted teen may also display mood swings. Many parents see these signs but are not aware of them being outside what they think is normal teenage behavior.

A drug treatment center has the knowledge and experienced clinical support to treat addicted teens. Once the assessment process is completed, clinical staff members can tailor a treatment plan that lays the groundwork for a successful detox and rehab. Detox removes all traces of harmful chemicals from the client’s body. Rehab, both inpatient and outpatient, consists of therapies and counseling sessions that helps patients and their families to better understand addiction, its causes, cures, and how to avoid people and situations that can cause relapse. If you have an addicted teen, get help for them immediately. 

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