BestEmployees – A Smartphone App to Accelerate Your Career Effortlessly

Put your career on fast track with BestEmployees.

Every employee and every employer faces a serious issue today, which is solved with this new smartphone app called BestEmployees.

Let’s take an example. An employer has a need to hire someone with specific set of skills. You happen to have those skills. The job offers everything you are looking for, including more money. How does the employer discover you? Two possibilities today. 1) You apply for that job. Meaning, you have to be actively searching for jobs all the time. That is neither practical nor wise. 2) The employer engages recruiters or uses online solutions to find you but these tools cost a lot of money to the employer & it takes way too long to find just the right person. End result – you are missing out on a great new job and more money & the employer is missing out on a perfect future employee, you. BestEmployees solves this issue.

BestEmployees is a reverse of job search app, it’s a people search app. Instead of listing jobs and expecting people to apply for those jobs, BestEmployees lists people with their skills and allows employers to discover the best-fit people for their jobs. BestEmployees also enables you to get your skills endorsed by your network to inspire confidence on your capabilities with the employers.

This app enables you to be found for perfect jobs with minimal efforts while you are busy with your current jobs and thereby you never miss a good growth opportunity. At the same time, this app enables employers to find the best-fit people from across the industry and not be limited to just the applicant pool for their jobs. It’s a perfect win-win for both you and the employers.

We have flipped around the way in which job search market functions. Instead of giving access to a host of jobs to our users, we simply take their credentials and give access to relevant employers and hiring managers. Simply put, hiring managers around the world hunt BestEmployees users on the basis of skill sets and experience, and on finding a potential match, send an inquiry to the user,” said Niru Mehta, founder of the app.

Unique in its conception and functioning, BestEmployees app offers several features, enabling users to plan their next career move, while being completely engaged in their current job.

  • Skill-based online profile: BestEmployees app not only enables you to get endorsed by verified colleagues and clients on key skills, it also cues you on the skills in demand in your line of work. Users must add education qualification, designation and location, and other professional activities to complete the CV or profile, which along with the skill endorsements, is a factor in ranking user profiles higher in the search results.

  • Verified endorsements: Since hiring managers rely majorly on the skill sets of the users, BestEmployees app features the endorsees on the profiles of the users they have endorsed.

  • No ill-suited job recommendations: Hiring managers find users based on skill-sets, experience and other relevant factors, and send inquiries only to shortlisted candidates.

  • Total Anonymity: BestEmployees founders insist on complete anonymity of employees, which is why the app comes with a feature where one can simply select the company s/he currently works for, and the hiring managers from that company will not be able to search his/her profile on the app. However, the user can still get endorsements from his/her colleagues from the present job.

  • Highly filtered inquiries: Users can select a salary bracket and their profile will not even appear in the searches made for a lower / different salary offer. This will save a lot of time for users as they don’t have to weed out relevant jobs that don’t meet salary expectations.

  • Job seekers take the last call: If not interested in an inquiry, BestEmployees users can simply ignore it. There is no need for responding and getting in to an unwanted line of discussion.

  • Simple and Engaging Interface: BestEmployees app is lucid and simple to use by anyone. Users can build their online resume / profile and start seeking endorsements in a matter of minutes. Alternatively, they can endorse others on their network.

With its updated version and added features, BestEmployees app is set to gain a lot of traction from job seekers across industries and sectors.

Pricing & Availability:

The BestEmployees app is easy to install and available for free with in-app purchases at the Google PlayStore  

Device Requirements:


Size: 21 MB

Requires: 4.03 and up  

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