New Hope Drug Rehab Houston Wins Best Addiction Treatment Center In Texas

HOUSTON, TX – 9/30/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — For decades, drug and alcohol addiction have destroyed lives, families and communities all over the world. While some people are courageous enough to seek help before it gets worse, most people postpone it until the drugs or alcohol take over their lives. This is the sad reality that robs families of their breadwinners, parents of their children, communities of their hardworking citizens and professionals. It is the sad reality that we seek to remedy in our own small way.

It is with great humility that we present to you the good news, “New Hope Drug Rehab Houston wins best addiction treatment center in Texas.” We appreciate this award and dedicate it to all those rehabilitated champions who have worked hard, endured and brought normalcy back to their lives.  The journey is tough but you were resilient and emerged victorious. Our efforts were not fruitless and as we continue to fight this menace in society, we hope that you will help us to champion and win this fight.  Indeed, it is through communal effort that we can eradicate drug addiction in our societies.  

While the hard work put in by our staff cannot be underestimated, we recognise that other patients also play a major role in the rehabilitation process. The team work, the encouraging words whispered in the corridors and the dedication shown makes the process much easier and more fathomable. One major factor that brings all this together is the communication amongst the staff and the patients. Our bilingual staff members ensure that we understand the patient’s needs and work towards meeting them.

New Hope Drug Rehab Houston is a place to seek help when all else seems to be falling apart, a place to get your life back together and save your life or that of your loved ones. Our excellently landscaped facility gives the patients a chance to live in harmony with nature as they recover. The peaceful environment has aesthetic value and helps in the healing process. The facilities notwithstanding, we recognise the efforts put in by family members to our beloved patients in the journey towards sobriety. We thank you all for your patience and dedication and for the confidence you have in us to lead this difficult yet necessary journey. We hope that with your continued support, we shall all emerge victorious in eliminating addiction of all kinds. Thank you all!

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