Airwheel panasonic folding electric bike battery: E-vehicle Drivers Call for More Power

New energy vehicles are the best option in congested cities. However, the lack of charge poles have hindered the expansion of the new industry. Airwheel, an electric vehicle producer has taken some steps to tackle the thorny problem.

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Despite the fact that new energy vehicles are the best option in congested cities, limited battery range and a lack of power stations are the biggest problems facing drivers of electric vehicles. Airwheel, a senior electric device manufacturer, has taken several steps to tackle the charging difficulty. Maybe, these measures may provide some new suggestions and ideas to the whole industry.

Airwheel smart e bikes 

In the recent product release, Airwheel has adopted an external battery design. The battery for Smart E Bike like E3 and E6 weighs only 1.4 kg. It can be removed from the vehicle easily. Thus, there are two charging ways, by inserting the power source to the charger directly or removing the battery to charge. With the portable and delicate battery, charging becomes much simpler. Urban white collars can take the battery to charge in offices. The battery is also integrated with a USB port to charge other electric devices.

Airwheel smart e bikes

The charging problem bothers electric car drivers most. In peak hours, they couldn’t even risk turning on air conditioning since they worry that this may consume too much electricity and leave them short of power for the return journey, or even dead battery on the road. Airwheel smart e bikes have exempted its users from such a worry. Since Airwheel e bikes are extremely foldable and light-weighted.

Airwheel electric devices

Even when the vehicle is out of power, riders can fold them and transfer to buses and metros. Airwheel electric devices can be taken onto the public transportation facility without occupying large space. In this respect, Airwheel e bikes are sometimes more efficient than electric cars.

Airwheel has done what it can to eliminate some charging difficulties. But the fundamental issue that facing the whole industry still exists. As long as there are not enough charging poles, the development of the electric devices are hampered. Electric commuting device is an irresistible tide worldwide, as traditional petrol-powered vehicles are polluting the environment. When people can charge their foldable electric bikes or electric cars in any place, they can go as long as they wish.

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