“Primary Objective” New Mind Control Movie To Be Released

TAMPA, FL – 10/1/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Dr. William Horton, the world’s leading Hypnotist, and also the leading expert in Mind Control recently announced that his ground breaking book “Primary Objective” will become a movie that will be the first to use the mind control techniques to help the audience achieve personal breakthroughs as they watch the movie. Being considered for major roles are Terry Crews and Wesley Snipes for Detective Spencer, Jason Stratham and Scott Adkins for the lead, Rhona Mitra as Jasmine, Gary Daniels and Tom Hardy as Commander Walker, also Cynthia Rothrock and Mel Gibson for other key roles.

 Through this film, Dr. William Horton wants to present mind control techniques which can be used in order to condition people to do particular things for better or for worse. Dr. Will Horton wants to demonstrate the huge potential that Neuro Restructuring Techniques and Hypnosis represents if it’s practiced the right way. Along with this action-packed detective & action thriller are integrated several demonstrations of practicing this type of neuro-science.  

“This movie will change how people can experience action adventure, as they can have a personal breakthrough as they watch and enjoy the film, this is truly an exciting announcement”  Dr. Horton hopes that this starts a new type of film, functional fiction, so people can combine fun and watching a movie with growth. 

The film will be produced independently and is currently being shopped to several studios, production companies, and directors including Robert Redford and Mel Gibson.  Looking to shoot in early 2017 with release Winter 2017.      

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