YUNMAI 2 Smart Scale: An impeccable gadget for maintaining a healthier lifestyle

Established in May 2014, Shenzhen YUNMAI technology Co.,Ltd specializes in developing digital scales that precisely gauges a range of vital statistics related to one’s health and hygiene and is appropriately termed ‘smart scale’.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping track of health is increasingly becoming an uphill task as modern-day living is stressful for almost every individual. Earning a livelihood to maintain a standard of living one is used to, coupled with devoting sufficient time to family leads to excessive stress making it quite difficult to find time for keeping oneself physically as well as mentally fit. If such individuals had access to an equipment or gadget that could help them estimate their body weight, BMR, body age, proportion of body fat, and other health statistics then it’d helped them take their daily living in their stride. Shenzhen YUNMAI Technology Ltd is a Chinese corporation that has been developing smart scales that allow people to keep track of at least 10 health parameters.

The YUNMAI 2 smart scale is a cutting-edge digital device that is outfitted with ITO BIA chip that enables a health-conscious individual to gauge nothing less than 10 health parameters. And its original WI-FI or bluetooth sync technology will server users mostly, every weight-in is sent over WI-FI or bluetooth and sync to Yunmai health center. This BIA chip is reinforced with aluminum alloy plated electrodes that lets anybody monitor his or her weight, body fat (adipose tissue stored subcutaneously), BMI, muscle mass, body age, bone mass, water content, basal metabolic rate, protein percentage, and visceral fat content. This new version of scale also add the functions in weather forecast, alarm, USB Type-C quick charge, as well as 360° rotation plate. With this scale, one can keep a watch on his or her weight on a daily basis; know the body fat stored inside the body via BIA bioelectrical impedance functionality; establish obesity level by measuring BMI or body mass index; quantify the mass of lean muscles and recommend a dieting regimen with workout program for increasing lean muscle mass, and so on. 

 YUNMAI 2 smart scale

One just needs to set up the YUNMAI 2 smart scale with a digital gadget like a smartphone (it is both Android and iOS configured) before stepping onto it. After one steps onto the scale, the yardsticks are recorded that the individual can later on view on a phone or a tablet’s screen. The scale has been innovated meticulously that makes the most of user-identification technique enabling the same to back up personal data for a maximum of 16 persons on the cloud. Entire data is recorded after one just enters details including one’s age, height, and name and a backup of the data are saved automatically on the cloud. So, every time a user steps on this scale, he or she is able to view the statistics at a glance.

The latest version of the YUNMAI scale comes equipped with a proprietary app (the software needs to be downloaded) that comes in handy for transferring data to any PDA via Bluetooth. A single press of the setting knob allows one to set his or her short-term or long-term health goals.

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Shenzhen YUNMAI technology Co.,Ltd headquartered in Shenzhen province of China is the developer of the YUNMAI 2 smart scale that is creating waves worldwide.

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