Sachin Mittal, an Indian Business Magnate and Investor in different business verticals recently released his book \’Rewriting Kismet\’.

“Sachin Mittal’s book – ‘Rewriting Kismet’, published by White Falcon Publishing”
“I decided to be the master of change rather than a victim of change”, says Sachin Mittal

Sachin Mittal’s book, ‘Rewriting Kismet’, published by White Falcon Publishing, makes an inspiring story of the numerous obstacles most entrepreneurs have to face in their journey towards success. It is an optimistic story of what can be achieved, with a vision and the right attitude, combined with risk taking capabilities.

In this book, Sachin does not talk about his life, or his good days, or the events that made him successful or the path he traversed to attain his victories in his professional life. Rather, in this account, he has specifically concentrated on the obstacles and impediments that crop up in any entrepreneur’s passage through the tough world of business and commerce.

The book leaves behind the message that every human being makes mistakes and blunders in his or her life. It is how they fix up all the mess and get out of it with the right attitude and enthusiasm is what makes a person successful.

Sachin believes that there are two types of kismet. One that’s God given and the other which we make ourselves based on our beliefs which are in turn drawn from our experiences.

The book is divided into 12 sections with each section pertaining to the stages in the life cycle of an entrepreneur. One can get firsthand information by reading about the experiences and beliefs of a self-made man who rose to the top with sheer determination and never-to-give-up spirit.

A Must read for all entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs.

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