Bill Gates is Wrong, says Nuclear Engineer

CHOCTAW NATION, OK – 3 Oct, 2016 – Bill Gates has misled the public, says a stinging criticism published on the world’s largest online forum for hydrogen-for-fuel technology. 

In his TED talk, Bill Gates wishes for lower CO2 emission into the atmosphere while producing more energy for the world over the next 35 years.  He wishes for a miracle, and he focuses his talk on 5 technologies — but not hydrogen for fuel and energy.

To lower CO2 emissions in the future, Gates touts Terrapower, a nuclear technology that can burn uranium-238.  But he admits this is “kind of a crazy idea,” because no prototype reactor exists.  Bill Gates is wrong, says a nuclear engineer and professor emeritus, who cites new catalytic technology as a lower-cost method for producing hydrogen from water, at any required rate.

Gates says he has a wish.  He wants a zero-CO2-producing energy generation technology by the year 2050.  That is a good wish.  New catalytic technology exists which can split water using LOW energy and harvest hydrogen that can be used for fuel to produce HIGH energy output.  But, Gates doesn’t mention this breakthrough catalytic hydrogen technology in his TED talk.

The attack on Gates’ technology talk asks, “Is Bill Gates wrong?”  and   “Is Bill Gates unwittingly causing harm to the world regarding alternative energy development?”

The technical criticisms of Gates’ public remarks are online, available for public review and comment, at

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