A Florida Law Firm to Cater Specifically to the Average Joe

Orlando, Florida – The 850 Call Joe Law Firm has been founded specifically to cater to the needs of the average Joe charged with domestic violence in the State of Florida. Through this service, the law firm charges nothing for the initial consultation. When the clients have issues they just call 850-CALL-JOE! The Orlando criminal defense Lawyer is an expert in laws regarding domestic violence.

Joe Knape, the domestic violence attorney, owner of the firm from Orlando said, “The criminal defense/family law client mostly encounters high cost lawyers that they cannot afford; because of this many of them end up taking whatever punishment the courts mete out because they lack the money to get a good lawyer who is ready to fight for their lives. As a personable family law attorney Orlando, it pains me to see this trend continuing. This is why I launched the service to give all a chance to good legal representation.”

The 850 CALL JOE Law Firm operates 24 hours every day, seven days a week. This is crucial considering that around 20 people are physically abused each minute by people with whom they are intimate in the US. One out of every three women and one out of every four men have been victims of domestic violence or physical abuse in one way or the other. Aggressive legal representation is necessary to help the accused before they face other more serious charges.

The law classifies domestic violence as a violent act; hence, the justification for stiffer penalties it has put in place. Most of the people charged with domestic violence are usually spouses, relatives, dating partners and sexual partners. A threat to commit violence against any person who is classified by the law as protected individual amounts to domestic violence too. In all these, a qualified, reputable and experienced Orlando family law attorney is needed.

The penalties for domestic violence differ based on different factors. For example, the penalties or punishment depends on the harm inflicted on the victim, the offense type and the defendant’s criminal history among other factors. The offender’s record may not even come into the discussion as long as the attorney knows how to approach the charges. A good lawyer helps even when their client is charged with threats of violence, elder abuse, abandonment and abusing a child.

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