YouTube to MP3 conversion software remains the buzzword of entertainment lovers

04.10.2016 – Recently, the news sites were filled with the news about the big lawsuit filed by RIAA against the well known YouTube to MP3 conversion site

When referring to the link at, one would able to know that even the largest music stream ripping site in the world is sued for providing music which were stream ripped illegally. This has made people to wonder, if RIAA is in the spree of suing such websites for infringement of copyright, then will they also taken down their favorite YouTube to MP3 conversion software. This software available for download on cnet has gained immense popularity among the entertainment buffs as it helps them to download any favorite videos and convert it into MP3 format within a few minutes’ time. The users can stay assured that they are opting for the free YouTube to MP3 conversion software, which follows legal rules and regulations regularly.

This software tool would help people in converting their video file’s audio track into MP3 format as soon as they have submitted the file to enable them download it at a swift pace. This tool is said to be very different than the rest as it performs the entire conversion process through their advanced infrastructure, which gives the users the convenience of only downloading it. Being a platform independent software, the YouTube to MP3 software stands a class apart than the rest. The users of Mac, iPhone or a PC with Linux support will be able to use this software. The team behind this video conversion tool makes sure that every conversion is performed in excellent quality with at least 128 KB speed. This software is available free of cost and for every video conversion, the time taken by this software is just 4 minutes. You can find more details about the YouTube to MP3 conversion software tool at the link, According to this site, the software comes with loads of changes after the recent update with 75% as its improved conversion speed.

Even though there are many sites that offer similar YouTube to MP3 conversion service like the, this conversion software is the best choice as it is capable of converting any video on the YouTube channel to the desired MP3 format. The users of this software are just required to copy the link of the YouTube video which they wish to convert and paste it on the space provided in the software. They can also try a different method of dragging the YouTube video link directly in to the YouTube to MP3. After choosing one from these 2 options, they must then choose the download option and wait for the conversion process to take place. The best thing about choosing the software tool is that it is the fastest YouTube to MP3 converter available online.

About YouTube to MP3 conversion software: The YouTube to MP3 conversion software is designed keeping the end users’ convenience in mind, as it is the fastest online software that comes with easy to use features and fast conversion time. 

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