Buckeye Organics assures to be the one stop solution for worm castings and worm composting supplies for your soil

Vermicomposting startup Buckeye Organics assures best possible worm composting and worm casting assistance for Ohio gardens with its high quality red wiggler worms and night crawlers

Newark, Ohio, October 4, 2016: Great news for Ohio gardeners and farmers looking for quality organic worm castings and composting supplies. Rising vermicomposting startup Buckeye Organics has promised to be the one-stop solution for premium worm composting with its red wiggler worms and night crawlers.

Founded as a hobby in 2014, Buckeye Organics was initially into raising the Red Wiggler Worms to feed tilapia fishes in aquaponics system – as well as for composting left-over plant materials. As Rogers and his team realized the great environmental benefits of the worms digesting the plant materials, they decided to extend their worming operation to a full-fledged business next year.

“Worm composting is fundamental to ensure the well-being of your farm and garden soil and here we are your new worm composting friend”, smiled Chris Rogers, the man behind Buckeye Organics.

“Today we are raising the red wiggler worms and night crawlers (both European and African) to help you with your organic composting needs. It’s our motto to assure you the best of composting advantage and hence we offer the king of all composting worms- red wigglers. You can buy them individually or blended with our nightcrawlers. Added to organic gardeners and farmers, we cater to hops growers, cannabis growers, vineyards, arborist fisherman as well as live bait dealers.”

Red wiggler worms are regarded as the most versatile and most popular of composting worms. Provided a conducive environment, these worms can eat up to 25-33% of their food in 1 day & can produce 3 cocoons in a week. Each of these cocoons produces one to five baby worms, furthering the composting benefits.

European nightcrawlers are best when it comes to composting larger materials. They are compatible to lower temperatures compared to most of the composting worms. They even make great baits in brackish waters & can stay longer on the fishing hook than the red wigglers.

“Our assistance does not end with raising worms and helping you with worm composting. In fact, we specialize in processing organic waste into worm casting as well”, added in Rogers’ manager.

Speaking further, he stressed on a number of benefits assured by their red wiggler worm casting-

  • Improved crop production from 10 percent to a whopping 50 percent
  • Minimizes risks of plan diseases & pests
  • No burn for plants
  • Enriched soil which is better equipped to hold nutrients and moisture

“Like you, we are also passionate about gardening and make sure to guarantee the best of soil and crop health. Our Buckeye Organics is just a broader extension of that philosophy and we are here to assure you best possible composting experience for you.” Chris added in.

Buckeye Organics is flexible for local pickup & delivery services.

To order composting worms or worm casting from Buckeye, visit Www.buckeyeorganics.net.

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