Launches New a Partner System for Interested Marketers

The users of SendViper can explore such opportunities without any hassles

People who wish to make extra money in their free time can consider the aforementioned website for details. It is a legitimate email service provider with a 5-tier affiliate program. They have introduced a new 5 tier system called the ‘Profit Strike’ which allows partners to get substantial commissions. Their tools have been described as genuine and effective.

SendViper’s core offering consists of a fully managed email service for businesses of all sizes. They help take the hassle out of managing emails and database, and offer in-depth reports that will help businesses grow their respective brands using email marketing. They are aim to base their growth of this phenomenon which has worked for many other entities in the past. SendViper users have the option of helping them achieve the same in return for monthly commission payments.

Partners need to be SendViper users themselves in order to benefit from their 5-tier affiliate program. They are given a unique ID that will be used to track their signups. By promoting the SendViper email services offering on their website or emails, they have the option of earning up to 45% in commission on new sign ups.

The website says, “If you have recently heard of the SendViper brand and what they have to offer, you might have also come across a lot of different information on what it is all about. SendViper was launched in 2016 so we are brand new. However, we are quickly growing in popularity amongst a number of different brands. Along with the core email services offering, SendViper has also setup an attractive affiliate program that allows businesses and publishers to supplement their income.”

To obtain more information about the services and find out more about becoming a SendViper partner here.

About the website

The website claims that the partners can pick their choice of a plan and work towards it according to their convenience. The same is based on the number of emails that are sent in a month and the resultant signups. Their pricing is discussed in detail on the web pages. They have 24/7 dedicated customer service team to help people get any queries answered. Their affiliate program has also met with a lot of interest.

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