Plush Powerhouse Bleacher Creatures Steps Into The Fundraising World of Kickstarter Offering Loyal Plush Followers The Chance To Creature-ize President Barack Obama

Bleacher Creatures has joined the Kickstarter platform giving its’ plush enthusiasts the chance to bring home President Obama in plush form.

Bleacher Creatures Universe, meet the Kickstarter Universe. Kickstarter Universe, meet the Bleacher Creatures Universe. Bleacher Creatures is now offering President Obama fans the opportunity to collect their favorite prez in plush!

Bleacher Creatures is offering three different reward options for pledges and look to hit their goal of $10,000 to produce the Presidential Plush in 15 days:

• “The Presidential Special”: 1 President Obama Bleacher Creature, $18, Includes Shipping (Limited To First 50 pledges)

• “Presidential Plush”: 1 President Obama Bleacher Creature, $24, Includes Shipping

• “2 Terms/2 Plush President”: 2 President Obama Bleacher Creatures, $39, Includes


The President Obama plush figure will be available exclusively via this Kickstarter campaign. If the pledge goal is reached, Bleacher Creatures will also sell the plush on

“We are ecstatic to give our fans the chance to bring home President Obama’s Bleacher Creature as his second term comes to a close,” says Matthew Hoffman, founder and president of Bleacher Creatures. “We hope the President would love our plush take on him and that all of his loyal fans and supporters throughout the years will add his Bleacher Creature to their collection of presidential memorabilia!”

About Bleacher Creatures

Bleacher Creatures is an innovative licensing manufacturer that produces a variety of children’s toys and fan enthusiast products through partnerships with professional sports leagues and entertainment companies. Bleacher Creatures are incredibly true-to-life plush figures of the greatest athletes and entertainment icons, allowing young fans (those who are young at heart) to put their passion in play. Bleacher Creatures’ goal: to encourage fun, inspiration and, of course, play among fans of any age.


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