Portable Nebulizer Genius Publishes Comprehensive Guide on Portable Nebulizers

Portablenebulizer.info has published a detailed guide about portable nebulizers. The guide contains important information for asthma sufferers including the best portable nebulizers in the market, how they work, how to clean them, care and disinfect a nebulizer, and what to look for when buying a portable nebulizer.

The Portable Nebulizer Genius guide begins by reviewing the best four portable nebulizer machines in the market. This includes the most popular model, the Omron Micro-Air, which uses Vibrating Mesh Technology to deliver the medication through a metallic mesh, which turns it into a fine mist. The main advantages of this model are that it reduces waste, leads to shorter treatment times and allows for more medication to be used.

The guide then provides a clear explanation of how portable nebulizers work, which involves the pressurization of air passing through a tube that connects the container filled with liquid medication and the breathing apparatus. This causes the medication to be turned into a mist that can be inhaled by the patient. Portablenebulizer.info also highlights the important advantage of nebulizers over Metered Dose Inhalers (MDIs) in that the fine mist of medication is simpler for the patient to inhale. Medication delivered through an inhaler requires the patient to take a deep breath, which can be difficult during an asthma attack, which causes the airways to narrow.

In addition, Portable Nebulizer Genius gives important advice on how patients can clean and disinfect their machine. This includes the necessity in cleaning the mouthpiece or mask and other detachable parts with soap and water after each treatment. Patients are advised to disinfect the portable nebulizer using three parts water and one part white vinegar to prevent any bacteria from growing inside the machine.

The guide ends with an explanation of what patients need to consider when buying a nebulizer. The closing section advises them buying a table top nebulizer if patients are likely to stay at home when having the treatment or buy a portable one if they lead a busy lifestyle.

Portable Nebulizer Genius was launched by Jake Matthew who grew up with asthma. He has considerable experience in using portable nebulizers and started the site after realizing there was a lack of online resources to educate people about them.

Interested readers can find out more at www.portablenebulizer.info

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