Allergy and Earthwise – New Zealand Company Warns People About Allergy Problems And Their Causes

Auckland, NZ – Local New Zealand health and environmentally focused company Earthwise is taking a proactive step in the fight against allergies. As spring starts to arrive in New Zealand, and the pollen count starts to rise, the company wants to educate and inform parents about all of the other substances that can cause allergy problems. While pollen is probably the number one culprit, there are quite a number of other sources that should be avoided if at all possible. Animal hair, dust and even certain medicines can cause allergic reactions, but that knowledge can help people to try and avoid exposure to these substances. However, there are many ways to defeat allergies which is the message Earthwise are promoting.

“Every year millions of people worldwide suffer from the debilitating effects of allergic reactions,” says Jamie Peters, a spokesperson for Earthwise. “We wanted to highlight the fact that there are many other factors that can cause allergic reactions, because once people know the source of their problem, it then becomes a lot easier to deal with or prevent. We have launched a clear and precise infographic that we hope will educate people about the causes, symptoms, treatments and preventative measures people can take when dealing with allergies. For a lot of people taking a proactive stance can reap huge rewards when it comes to fighting allergies. “

Earthwise is an environmentally focused company that produces plant-based products for use in the health, beauty and cleaning sectors. They have been in business for nearly fifty years, and are fully committed to producing high quality earth friendly and cruelty free products that are free from harmful chemicals that can cause adverse health effects. Their wide range includes body wash, hand wash, soaps, shampoos and conditioners, household cleaning products and baby care items. For more information about the company or their anti-allergy advice visit their website at

Media Contact
Company Name: Earthwise Group Ltd
Contact Person: Jamie Peters
Phone: 09 578 5060
Address:11 Farmhouse Lane
City: St Johns
State: Auckland
Country: New Zealand