Xchanz.com – A revolutionary barter platform to exchange skills, services and used stuff for free.

A pathbreaking startup based on bartering concept, offers a unique online marketplace to exchange services, skills and used stuff. It is growing rapidly with more and more people joining in to initiate online bartering rather spending money on getting services or stuff they need.

October 06, 2016 – In the fast paced modern world, it is now more important than ever for people to keep learning creative and technical skills in order to keep themselves up-to-date with the emerging changes, xchanz.com is one startup which has emerged from this need. While still in beta, this concept has been able to gain great response as hundreds of people has registered within the first few days of its launch and posted their Skills, Stuff and Services.

About xchanz.com

Long before we ever had physical currency, we bartered what we had for the things we needed or wanted. Xchanz is a unique platform designed to bring the idea of exchange and bartering back to life. Using the concept of bartering and exchange,  xchanz.com has been established to help the community by giving  people a platform to get services they need or to learn different sort of skills without having spend any money. This platform is not just limited to services /skills but even used goods can also be bartered, which makes this site outstanding among competitors. Not only that, but the unique marketplace also offers a prospect to fulfill new folks, make good friends and mature your social circle.

Xchanz’s founder Shailendra Kumar is an experienced IT professional, who has worked with top IT firms including Microsoft, EBay and Google, where he found a perfect environment for his naturally innovate ideas about society, people and the environment.

According to Shailendra Kumar, the Founder of xchanz.com, “ Idea of this platform got initiated around 3 years back. After constant dedication, team was finally able to launch the portal in September 2016.”  He added, “Platforms like xchanz.com which enable people to keep growing are significantly important. After all, in the words of Benjamin Franklin, ‘Without continual growth and progress, success has no meaning’.” The Founder also mentioned that xchanz soon plans to come out with iOS and Android apps soon.

According to Shailendra, “With our platform, people can have highly rewarding experiences as they barter skills, services, experiences, as well as pre-owned items without any complexity like credits or barter money.” xchanz.com currently faces competition from Freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, Simbi, and LetsBarter.

How it works:

Just sign up and Add/Post what you want to offer. It could be any stuff /goods, any hobbies, skills or services you offer or any sort of help to bring smile on someone’s face. Then list the things you are looking for – again it could be a physical item, something you want to learn, or an idea you need help realising. Search for something you need and xchanz’s awesome system will instantly generate local matches based on your preferences. When you find somebody who has services/things you might be interested in, you can send them xchanz requests and on it’s acceptance you can message them to talk about related exchange further and finally plan up a meeting.

Once xchanz is completed, simply review your fellow Xchanzer! on the basis on your experience. This is an important part of the whole platform, as Reviews will help other xchanzers to decide and perform future xchanzes.

About Funding

Upon further questioning during the interview, Shailendra revealed that he’s been bootstrapping himself and no funds have been raised for the startup so far. However, he further added, “We are currently looking for seed funding and seeking seed round investors in order to grow.”

With these funds, startup plans on expanding operations, recruiting team members, developing iOS and Android apps, as well as carrying out extensive marketing.

The website is constantly growing thanks to an increasing number of people signing up as well as more and more Services/skills and stuff being added on a regular basis.

To join the unique marketplace and begin bartering online straight away, visit the sign up page at: http://www.xchanz.com/login.html

Media Contact
Company Name: Xchanz
Contact Person: Shailendra Kumar
Email: shailendra@xchanz.com
Phone: 650-861-0644
Country: United States
Website: www.xchanz.com