Smart Airwheel Folding electric Vehicles (E3&Z5) Make Life Easier

Intelligent vehicles, represented by Airwheel electric scooters are hottest trip mode currently. They are rated as the most efficient vehicles which can solve the urban traffic congestion and satisfy needs of short-distance commuting. Here’s a recommendation of some Airwheel foldable products.

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Traffic congestion is a hassle for urban dwellers. People are searching for new types of vehicles to deal with the dilemma. Among all the types of novel vehicles, foldable and portable ones are especially hot. Airwheel is a renowned brand devoted to invent portable electric folding bike which can move daily commuting obstacles. The brand has already won worldwide popularity and recognition. Here’s a brief introduction to its newly-released portable vehicles.

Airwheel 2-wheeled electric scooter 

In terms of foldability, Airwheel folding e bike E3 is incomparable. The main frame, pedals, saddle, handle and even tires are foldable. When fully folded, it occupies a size of only 474mm ×399mm×374mm, as small as a backpack. Actually, it can be stored into a backpack. Hence, it is also dubbed as backpack e bike. Airwheel has customized a storage bag for the vehicle. E3 weighs 12.5kg. Riders can either lift it or carry it on the shoulder. E3 users can ride the vehicle directly to offices, if they live not far from working places. They can also ride E3 to bus or metro station and then pack it to get onto the public transportation facility. When there is traffic congestion, connecting E3 with public transportation facility is an efficient choice.

Airwheel folding e bike E3 

Airwheel 2-wheeled electric scooter Z5 is also a foldable vehicle. Z5 has simplified contours and possessing minimalism folding aesthetics. Z5 is equipped with front pneumatic tyre and rear solid tire to have better road grip effects. Z5 is fit for negotiating with different road types and providing a stable riding experience. In case of going on outdoor trips, riders can fold it and store it in car trunks. It will be a good company for road trips.

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The battery of both the two vehicles are replaceable. As long as people have a backup battery, they can ride as far as they wish. The maximum speed the two vehicles can reach is 20 km/h ideally, quite enough for urban traffic. When customers choose the two foldable vehicles to commute, they will find life much easier and enjoyable.

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