Dialmedirect is a Mobile App that Allows Users to Transmit Business Cards with Mobile Devices

The speed of change in the business world is often related to rate of technological development and the ingenuity of society’s best minds. Following in the footsteps of pioneers like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, dialmedirect has created a new way to exchange key business information through a mobile app. The archaic method of exchanging a business card, which is easily lost and unsanitary, has been replaced by dialmedirect’s new mobile app, which allows users to instantly transmit key business and contact information with a swipe or a touch.

The new dialmedirect mobile app has features that will usher in a new era of business protocol. Instead of exchanging business cards, professionals can immediately exchange contact information digitally on their phone. The robust dialmedirect app also allows companies to manage their directory information, which can be modified to detail additional information pertinent to the contact.

The new app will eliminate the hassle and environmental damage of printing up new cards. dialmedirect also keeps all of your contacts organized, you can search for directory information by region, country, or by closest proximity, so that you no longer need to search through your pockets or desk to find a phone or email. The app allows you to keep and manage all your contacts in one place and also has a handy global directory of organizations, restaurants, banks and other services to search for at your disposal.

Dialmedirect is currently developing this mobile app for launch soon. This appealing and powerful new app is destined to become a wildly popular new app, which will sweep the business world. If you would like to learn more about dialmedirect or to ask questions about this important project, please visit http://www.dialmedirect.com/

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