Pinball BOOM Now Celebrating Halloween

The Halloween season is here and the mobile game Pinball BOOM is celebrating with New Halloween Costumes and New Missions. Come join the pinball Boomer on the App Store, Google Play, and Kindle this year.

Dublin, Ireland – October 07, 2016 – Gaming Chef LTD has announced its release of the Halloween update for the mobile game “Pinball BOOM” available on Google Play, Kindle, and the App Store.

Launch into a spooky frontier tapping to keep your pinball safe from spikey rocks while bouncing off pumpkins and collecting as many gems as possible. Complete missions to get more gems and try to collect all the costumes for Halloween. Use your super powers to blow up obstacles, freeze your motion, or boost out of harms way – do whatever it takes to get the highest score.

Pinball BOOM is one of the newest pinball games on the market and offers a new twist on the pinball arcade game genre. Come play as the pinball Boomer by completing missions and earning gems to get the highest score. One of the newest Halloween games for 2016. And the newest way to share the season through mobile games this year.

Now available on Google Play, Kindle, and the iOS App Store.

Gaming Chef LTD is an independent developer of mobile games formed on March 2016 in County Dublin, Ireland.

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