The ChariTree Foundation Celebrates 10 Years Of Making The World A Better Place

Thanks to Canada’s ChariTree Foundation, more than 100,000 children have planted Wish Trees across Canada and around the world.

At a time where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada has promised to make climate change a priority, one charity has been helping the world to have a healthy climate for ten years. The ChariTree Foundation, which was set up by Andrea Koehle Jones is celebrating ten years of excellent work where they have helped raise awareness as well as being responsible for more than 100,000 children planting trees.

The climate change should be every Government’s top priority, and without that priority put into place children’s lives and health could be put at risk. The future looks bleak with the dangers of the climate change, and in the past century, the world has experienced serious negative changes in the weather, with more natural disasters.

Even though the climate change and the dangers that are being faced are highlighted in the media around the world on a daily basis, there are still some out there that are not convinced. Many people don’t understand the climate change brings an increased risk of heat waves, droughts, floods, as well as reducing the air quality. If these conditions are not tackled, and if all the governments around the world do not come together and make serious changes, then the children of today and the children of tomorrow could be living in an unhealthy world that could reduce their lifespan. That is why The ChariTree Foundation has made its mission to take the fight forward and do something about it.

Andrea Koehle Jones could not sit back and wait for government leaders to come together and tackle one of the most important issues the universe has ever come across. She set up The ChariTree Foundation to make a difference and help children and the world.

Koehle Jones believes the way forward to tackle the climate change problem is to educate children about the world we live in and give them a tree to plant.

She said: “It’s about learning to care for something beyond yourself while learning about self-sufficiency, reforestation, trees as future food sources and so much more.”

When children receive a Wish Tree through their school, camp or other children’s organizations, they get to plant it and make a wish for the world. Every time they return to visit or care for their tree they can make more wishes – for anything! They can write their wishes on 100% recycled paper and tie them to their tree or simply say their wish by their tree.

Here are just a few wishes sent into The ChariTree Foundation by children.

Aidan, from Hamilton, Canada says:
“I wish I had super powers to save the earth and save people.”

Lisa, from Copenhagen, Denmark says: “I wish more people would plant trees.”

Debbie, from Calgary, Canada says:
“My wish for the planet would be to bring more natural beauty to all the cities. I wish for our empty boulevards to be planted with evergreens, and remind us that with more nature that our world will be a much better place.”

Shannon, from West Bolton, Canada says:
“I wish everyone would deeply understand that trees are the lungs of the earth, and we all breathe together…”

“I am so proud of every child that has planted a tree in the last ten years,” said Koehle Jones. “These kids are going to be changemakers,” she continued.

“Helping a child plant a tree might seem like a small thing but imagine if all children were given an opportunity to plant a tree,” said Koehle Jones. “What if children in Syria or Somalia or Canada – anywhere were given this opportunity? The benefits would directly impact those children and children everywhere.”

The ChariTree Foundation is not just about raising awareness of the climate change; they also aim to give as many children as possible around the world a tree to plant.

This year more than 13,000 campers at Canadian Camping Association camps planted trees across Canada.

“Since 2009, thanks to ChariTree, thousands of campers in hundreds of camps across Canada have planted trees on their camp properties. This excellent program has enabled children to experience the joy and satisfaction of planting their very own tree while beautifying their site, creating windbreaks or replacing trees lost to fire or disease,” said Jill Dundas, President, Canadian Camping Association / Association des camps du Canada. “As the trees grow under the campers’ continuing care so does their appreciation and concern for our environment.”

“Thank you for this continuing opportunity. We value the focus The ChariTREE Foundation provides to involve our campers in forest sustainability.” ~ Jocelyn Palm, Director / Owner, Glen Bernard Camp

“There is something hopeful in the act of planting a tree. Our campers enjoy enhancing our habitats, increasing bio-diversity and just being in nature. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. You are growing hope for a greener future.” ~ Jacob Rodenburg, Executive Director, Camp Kawartha

“Without healthy trees and forests, the earth cannot sustain life. There’s something so hopeful about planting trees,” said Jones. “I’ll never forget the children we planted trees with in Africa and I’ll never stop trying to bring more children trees.”

“I am so grateful to all the volunteers, and donors who have helped The ChariTree Foundation grow over the last ten years,” said Koehle Jones.

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About The ChariTree Foundation

The ChariTree foundation was set up by Andrea Koehle Jones. It has the aim to make the world a better place for children and generations of children to come.

Andrea runs the charity from a tiny office on an island off the coast of Vancouver. She volunteers her time and works with a small group of volunteers devoting 100 percent of donations to running ChariTree’s children’s tree projects.

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