ChalkTastic Announces Lucrative Bulk Purchase Discount on Chalk Marker Pens

ChalkTastic has just announced a lucrative discount promotion for the Amazon buyers of their Chalk Marker Pens. By purchasing three or more packs of this product, it is now possible for the buyers to receive between 12% and 18% of discount.

10th October, 2016 – ChalkTastic is pleased to announce the one more attractive discount offer on their flagship product Chalk Marker Pens. All Amazon buyers purchasing three or more packs of these chalk markers will now receive up to 18% percent discount on their purchase. This product is currently an Amazon bestseller with over seventeen hundred Amazon reviews. The company already offers the product for a 55% discounted price of $14.77. Now, they can receive 12%, 15%, and 18% of additional discount by purchasing three, four, or five (or more) packs respectively.

ChalkTastic is an experienced manufacturer of chalk-based products that have done well to please the Amazon shoppers. Their chalk pen sets contain eight high-quality markers made of a concentrated liquid chalk that delivers vibrant colors even after prolonged use. These chalk pens have been used by hundreds of Amazon buyers to write on and decorate different types of nonporous surfaces including whiteboard, ceramic containers, car windows, storefront windows, food containers, and many more. All materials used in manufacturing the product are non-toxic, odorless, and dust-free. Many school children use these markers for their art projects and school work. Along side these young ones, many of their teachers also prefer using the product as a teaching tool.

A recent user mentioned in his Amazon review, “I purchased this particular set for the color variety.The colors are vivid and opaque. They stand out well. I have lots of stuff to put on my chalkboard calendar every month and the variety of colors helps me distinguish the appointments, payments, babysitting and things like that. I’ve tested all of them to make sure none were dried out ( like sum others that I’ve purchased) and none were even hard to get started.These are also great for leaving messages on the bathroom mirror. Yes, we tend to do that in my house. Little helpful reminders.They are great for glass, chalkboard stickers, metal, and anything that is non porous.There is zero dust as well, which I have found with some other brands this is not true. Also, what I really like is the no smell or no unpleasant smell that you tend to find with markers.”

Announcing the new bulk purchase offer, a senior official from ChalkTastic stated, “We are extremely pleased to launch this special offer for anyone purchasing more than three packs of our chalk marker pens. The coupon codes for this offer will be released very soon via our Amazon store.”

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