The Six List Helps Consumers Make Better Choices

The Six List was developed to be an online resource of information that is dedicated to reviewing a wide variety of products from several major categories, including health and beauty, home and garden, sports and outdoors, pets, electronics, and baby and kids.  

The site is designed to share information, tips, guides and advice that will make it easier for their readers to find the right product for their needs in a sea of never ending products.

The main objective of the Six List is to share information that helps consumers make an informed and better choice about their purchases, after the realization that many consumers face “analysis paralysis” when looking for information and comparing the wide number of options available to them.

The Six List team takes the responsibility of recommending the best six products available on the market in each article. “We use a combination of expert analysis, hands on testing and the aggregation of customer reviews to narrow our selections to just six. We are an independent team, so you can take confidence in the fact that what we recommend is truly what we believe to the best, thereby eliminating any bias.” – the founder of The Six List said about the recommened products listed.

The website has been divided into six main categories, three of which are the following:

• Health and Beauty: this section is dedicated to reviews of health and beauty products from drugstore as well as high-end brands. The team has selected skincare, hair care, body care and some makeup products in this category, to name just a few. For more information, please visit: The Six List – Health & Beauty

• Home and Garden: This category is reserved for home and gardening products. People can expect to find reviews of the best appliances, cleaning products, home gadgets, gardening tools, and furniture in this section. Read more at:  The Six List – Home & Garden

• Sports and Outdoors: Reserved for products for people who enjoy the outdoors and have an active lifestyle, this category takes a look at the best sports, fitness, and recreational equipment. For more information, check out: The Six List – Sports & Outdoors


The Six List is a website established to assist readers find the best products in a wide range of categories. The main objective of the website is to recommend products so people do not have to spend hours researcing the dozens upon dozens of products themsleves, narrowing the selections to just the six best on the market. 

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