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Airwheel Z5 foldable electric scooter for adults is regarded as one of the easily learning vehicles. However, there are several notes you should bear in mind. The easier, the more careless.

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People tend to have this psychology that the easier, the more careless. Airwheel Z5 is regarded as one of the easily learning vehicles. However, there are several notes you should bear in mind. Before riding, you need to check several matters. As we know Z5 electric drift hoverboard is known for lightweight and triple folding system, so that it is essential for riders to check whether the Z5 foldable electric scooter for adults is installed firmly, and is damage or not. Rider needs to check whether folding mechanism has been locked.

Z5 personal electric scooter 

Secondly, rider also needs to check whether the Z5 urban e scooter has enough power. There is a power indicator in the handlebar with three levels: green light—full power; yellow light—half power; Red light—low power. When it is red, riding is not suggested. Then, rider needs to check the tyre. After many comparison tests, Z5 chooses front pneumatic tire, and rear solid tire. Also, shock absorption system has been added into the front wheel to ensure the smooth riding of Z5personal electric scooter. When the front tire is flat, riders need to blow up it. Of course, rider needs to check whether the handle is fastened. If not, please tighten the screws. Rider needs to find an open space to practice, at least 4m*20m area, indoor and outdoor.

Z5 personal electric scooter 

Rider needs to have a full understanding of the surrounding environment to avoid the interference from the vehicle, pedestrians, pets, bicycles and other obstacles. Rider needs a skilled assistant in the side. The assistant is proficient in riding Z5 electric scooter and familiar with the guidelines for the use of scooters in all matters needing attention and riding method. In the process of riding, urgent acceleration, rapid deceleration and sharp turns are forbidden. Do not excessively lean forward and backward and over speed.

It is better to avoid using this product in bad weather conditions, such as rain, snow, or ice. Even though Airwheel Z5 smart electric scooter is regarded as one of the easily learning vehicles, riders need ride it carefully. After all, safety always goes first.

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