Flawless Face Art Launches New-age Gold Eyelash Curler with replacement pads on Amazon

Leading cosmetic tools portal Flawless Face Art has recently launched a cutting-edge futuristic Gold Eyelash Curler (with 3 replacement cushion pads) on Amazon that has earned rave reviews for its painless and flawless curls every time.

Englishtown, NJ – October 10, 2016 – Beautifully curled-up lashes is one of the fundamentals of any glam party look but it’s the painful stung on the lid usual with regular eyelash curlers, that spoils the sport by a great extent. But not anymore! Leading cosmetic tools store Flawless Face Art has launched its new-age Gold Eyelash Curler on Amazon promising a completely painless experience and flawless lashes always. Backed by 3 replacement cushion pads, the cutting edge eyelash curler is bustling with a stellar 4.9 stars rating on the esteemed online retail portal.

“It’s probably the best of eyelash curlers I have ever got. It’s so easy to use”, Lisa N is one of the happiest customers of Gold Eyelash Curler who has rated it a grand 5 stars.

“It’s THE BEST; premium quality and hardcore curler”, A. Harter is another elated customer.

“We are excited to announce that we have recently launched our brand new Gold Eyelash Curler (with 3 replacement cushion pads) on Amazon. It’s something you have never seen before and relieves you from all the painful experience you complain about while using the typical eyelash curlers in the market. Your convenience has always been of prime importance to us and hence our curler has been designed with resilient cushion pads to ensure painlessly curled stunning lashes everytime. Made with sturdy carbon steel, it works superb on both short and long lashes. The non-pinch make will allow you to take it as much closer to the eyelid as needed but without the worries of harming the eyes or pinching the skin. No wonder, it has already garnered rave reviews and ratings from the users”, stated the leading sales official from Flawless Face Art.

Added to the replacement pads, the curler features a padded spring-action release that ensures the much coveted “flawless lashes” always.

Speaking further, the sales official stressed on the Gold Eyelash Curler as the absolute solution for 3 most common questions:

• Does your eyelash length make it tough to use the curlers?
• Do you feel pain while using the eyelash tool that you us at present?
• Does your curler lack the very precision needed for the perfect lashes?

“Through our state of the art eyelash curler, we have addressed all the typical problems you face with the current curlers and hence it’s a must have in your make-up arsenal. No more you have to bear the pain of having lashes chopped off or pulled out and now you can be confident of a smooth breezy use.”

She also mentioned about non-slip loop less handles with the Gold Eyelash Curler which assures a comfortable grip so that the fingers don’t get painfully stuck while curling.

The brand new curler also comes with a cash back guarantee that ensures a full refund on customer dissatisfaction.

To order the Gold Eyelash Curler from Amazon now, visit Amazon.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/qeBMVs5Rczw

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