Lake City Coffee Offers .22 Caliber Discount

Lake City Coffee is offering .22 LR caliber bullets to gun-haters who order whole bean organic coffee

Lake City Coffee, an online roasted coffee bean retailer, recently offered a special coffee deal for people that hate guns. The co-owner, Russell Volz, decided that the whole gun debate has gotten way out of hand and he felt that a little brevity was called for. What he didn’t plan on was the huge response.

In the first 24 hours, Lake City Coffee’s Facebook post generated a storm of response. “About 95% of our response has been very positive. Generally, people find the Facebook post very funny.” Says, Russell.

There’s a lot of talk about making the entire country gun-free. Russell contends that some people hate guns, but they have no problems with bullets. And since 100% of the people who were shot and killed last year were killed by bullets and not guns, in order to help gun-haters feel better about themselves, what Lake City Coffee is offering is (1) .22 LR caliber bullet to everyone who orders a pound of whole bean organic coffee.

Additionally, since most self-defense handguns carry a dozen or more rounds, for truly progressive and enlightened gun-haters, when they buy 5 pounds of whole bean organic coffee, then Lake City Coffee will give them a dozen .22 LR caliber bullets.

It’s easy to see that Russell and Lake City Coffee not only have a good sense of humor, but they are also engaging their coffee drinking and gun toting audience.

The goal here is to fix people’s coffee cravings AND give them a dozen bullets to throw at their next encounter with a jihadist, rapist, or murderer. This is a big sacrifice that Lake City Coffee is making, but they’re not just about whole bean organic coffee, they’re also obviously willing to do their parts in helping people to feel good about themselves.

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About Lake City Coffee:

Lake City Coffee provides the best coffee experience available anywhere. No brag, just fact. They start by importing the highest quality organic coffee beans that money can buy. Then they roast the coffee beans the old fashioned way, low-n-slow over an open fire to a medium brown. Lastly, they roast and FedEx the whole bean gourmet coffee the same day. In fact, their coffee is so fresh, that when it arrives, it may still be warm.

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