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This press release hereby notifies the users of the website that streaming films have now been made free by means of Megamovies. Now you can to your hearts’ content watch your favorite movie without worrying about laws.

North Carolina, USA – 10th October, 2016 – In case you are a movie aficionado who loves to watch movies online by transferring or streaming them, then it is sure that you are aware of the fact that for more than the last couple of months it turned out to be hell on earth for movie lovers. The most important sources permitting downloading of a free movie like Pirates Bay and Kickass Torrents are shut down. This, in fact, makes things more complex for those who frequently download to watch HD movies since they do not have any other dependable sources to transfer movies.

When Goddard Sean the owner of the website was questioned about free download of movies he stated thus: “Some people are so addicted to watching movies so much that with the closure of most of the sources to stream free movies from, it is evident that the lives of such people will never be the same again. Making these people desperate in their pursuit of other ways of accessing full movies is not good. We all just want other sources that will be very helpful to us while streaming movies.”

While downloading films is a suitable method for getting the opportunity to watch movies, it is not the perfect approach to watching films online let us say when you are from work. Downloading a movie is not an ideal route to a watch a free film online when you are traveling while returning to your home from your workplace.  There are a lot of different courses by which you can keep viewing your favorite movies freely without any hindrance and that too legally devoid of breaching any law. is an enormous database with information everything concerning movies. The site owners do research, review, sort out different movie descriptions, and accumulate them in charts, posts, and conclusions. With a long history and constant touch in the film area, is reliable return point for all movie fans. is without an iota of doubt your major informer with regard to movies.

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