World’s Best App to Introduce Two Friends for a Date

Designed for the user to introduce two friends from his or her contact list in their mobile device who may be compatible or attractive for friendship or more.

Today, Life Applications Technologies Ltd, a mobile technology company announced the launch of its new app “YourFriendsDate” which is downloadable to an iPhone, iPad or Android Mobile Device. The app allows users introduce two people in their contact list they believe would be great together. Users can also create a profile for each of them and make the connection. Your friends will receive an email with a link to YourFriendsDate app. When they log in they will see the profile of your suggested connection, but not the name or photograph. With your brief introduction, they will have a good idea of whether they would like to know more about each other.

If your friends like each other, they can connect via YourFriendsDate app. After accepting, both parties can see each other’s name and full details and start chatting within the app. If they don’t want to connect they don’t have to do anything, and no-one will know who has rejected the connection.

The YourFriendDate app is great because it is completely anonymous until they both choose to connect via YourFriendsDate app. Your connections can adjust their profile, make their own introductions and connect with each other. Once your friends have downloaded the app, they can make their own introductions to their friends too.

“The Magic in You”

Life Applications Technologies Ltd is also happy to offer free of charge “The Magic in You” eBook which focuses on how to find, identify and have a magical relationship that lasts.

Please Go to  website page and click on the download link for “The Magic in You” eBook.

About YourFriendsDate app

The idea behind creating YourFriendsDate app is to allow users introduce two friends they feel could find each other compatible, interesting or attractive. Hopefully, through YourFriendsDate introductions, friends will gain new friends, gain a partner and even a wife or husband.  Everybody needs a little push and a shove from a well-intentioned friend… because life is always better together!

There is a “YourFriendsDate” explainer video available at our website or follow the link:

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