Lintech presents its collection of specialized security products globally

Lintech Enterprises Ltd based in Guangdong province of China is a forefront manufacturer of a range of digital card readers and card reading machines.

Several industries and commercial establishments that form integral parts of a nation’s infrastructure are required to use advanced equipment and machines for carrying out day-to-day activities. These establishments which comprise banks, telecom companies, surface and underground transport systems to name a few, extensively use different types of digitized security card readers for screening and identification purposes. Towards this end, it is extremely vital for these aforementioned institutions to ensure that such products function in a foolproof manner as the security of all the stakeholders coupled with safeguarding vital/classified information is entailed. Lintech is an established organization that specializes in designing and developing such security items including RFID card reader, hidden IP camera, motor card reader, and magnetic card reader.

The security wares produced by Lintech enterprises have always been in high demand and continue to be. This is so because the company has ensured right from the beginning that its card collector conforms to the specifications provided by the clients. To elaborate further, the products are designed with painstaking care so that the end user is able to use the same effectively for the purpose it’s supposed to serve. For instance, the motor card reader is manufactured using the strictest quality controls enabling it to function in all kinds of weather conditions. Additionally, it comes equipped with a range of unbeatable features including but not limited to fast card reception, accepting cards of different makes, and so on.

Lintech presents its collection of specialized security products globally

This component is used in self-serviced machines, card issuing systems in parking lots, and mechanized ticketing machines. Lintech also manufactures RFID card collector that have a reading capacity up to a maximum of 8cm. The material used for producing this RFID card reader is ABS plastic and can be used via an USB port or RS-232. This product has the capacity for reading labels, cards, and tags with ISO 14443A, ISO 14443B, and ISO15693 specifications. Lintech is well aware of the fact that RFID tags can be embedded in the human body or attached to clothing and hence liable to misuse or abuse, it also retails in R/W (rewritable) RFID card readers where information can be erased or deleted as and when required.

Lintech manufactures a wide range of security card collectors or readers including magnetic card reader, full page passport ID scanner reader, full-page ICAO passport reader scanner, vending machine kiosk motorized card reader writer, mini pinhole Wi-Fi hidden IP camera, motor RFID card dispenser machine, waterproof wireless Wi-Fi IP camera, new structure parking lot automatic card dispenser, automatic card dispensing machine, 90mm USB magnetic swipe credit card reader, and so on. The company continues to undertake meticulous research with the objective of coming up with products that are increasingly geared towards customer’s specific needs and preferences.

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Lintech is a frontline corporation that is dedicated to manufacturing an extensive range of security products mainly card readers/collectors, and card reading machines. For more details, please visit their website.

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