The book, The Myth of Mediation Neutrality, EPIS Press, 2014, by Dr. Kevin Boileau offers a psychoanalytic approach to mediation

12.10.2016 – The Myth of Mediation Neutrality is the first in a series of mediation books written and produced by NazaritaGoldhammer and/or Kevin Boileau, Senior Mediators at Santa Clara Divorce Mediation.  Boileau and Goldhammer are mediation scientists who manage both a psychoanalytic training institute and a dispute resolution research institute, and who constantly engage in thinking about better mediation practice.

The book addresses several psychoanalytic models as a new orientation in divorce mediation, and shows how you can utilize them for a higher standard of practice. Whether you apply these models to yourself or to your clients, they will help you see conflict and its resolution in a deeper and more useful way. By reading this text, you will develop a much better ability to conduct needs-based analyses and transformative processes.

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The author, Dr. Kevin Boileau, is a Senior Mediator and Partnerin Santa Clara Divorce Mediation that specializes in offering efficient and result-oriented solutions to affluent divorcing couples. The author is an expert in mediation theory, game theory analysis, financial analysis and psychoanalysis. He conducts negotiation training and mediation support in land/water, animal rights, human rights, and business mediation across the US. He has also authored or co-authored other books in mediation and several books in psychoanalysis and philosophy. Those who wish to avail his divorce mediation San Jose services can click the website link at

According to this site, Santa Clara Divorce Mediation also offers separation mediation services by maintaining confidentiality while promoting the levels of cooperation among the couple while ruling out competition. Checking at the website link, one would be able to know that they aim at protecting family relationships for many years as they care about their children and their well-being. They ensure they mediate with the conflicting parties to establish a strong parenting partnership to make sure the children grow with minimal stress.

About The Myth of Mediation Neutrality: The Myth of Mediation Neutrality is the book written by Dr. Kevin Boileau, who is an expert mediator, psychoanalyst, and lawyer associated with Santa Clara Divorce Mediation. The book states clearly about the effects that occurs, when one tries to take their mediation practice to a deeper level.

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