iLuun Introduces The First Wireless USB 3.0 Flash Drive For Smartphones, Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Startup develops the iLuun Air, a smart USB Flash Drive that allows users to wirelessly access their photos and files, stream videos and music, and transfer media content to and from their mobile device.

iLuun today announced the start of its Kickstarter campaign to introduce its wireless USB Flash Drive, the iLuun Air. iLuun will run the campaign through Nov. 16th, and has set a goal of $50,000 to begin the manufacturing of its flagship product. 

Prior to the iLuun Air, mobile storage was limited to huge bulky hard drives which require wires and cables, or cloud-based solutions that require the Internet to access its data. iLuun Air integrates a built-in Wi-Fi network that allows users to wirelessly access their photos and files, stream videos and music, and transfer media content to and from their mobile device without the need for internet or cables. With up to 256GB of available storage capacity, the iLuun Air allows users to store hundreds of movies or thousands of photos, songs, and documents.

“Consumers have been asking for a portable and convenient way to store and share files on-the-go, and we’ve responded by introducing the most versatile USB flash drive ever created. We are aiming to make file sharing and storage more accessible and to redefine the mobile storage market,” said Harold Stewart, CEO and Founder, iLuun Inc. “For the foreseeable future, our lives will continue to shift away from the desktop and onto our mobile devices. We believe that the iLuun Air is a refreshing start for the next generation of mobile storage solutions.” 

Notable features of the iLuun Air:

Wireless Sharing – Multi-platform wireless streaming allows users to seamlessly share content and media on up to 6 devices simultaneously.

Media Streaming – Built-in Media Player seamlessly stream HD videos, photos, and music to all connected mobile devices.

Automatic Backup & Restore – One-step backup & restore function allows users to free up valuable space on their mobile device

USB 3.0 – Allows for improved power consumption, data rate, security, pairing reliability, and most importantly speed.

Simple-To-Use App – iOS & Android app offers user-friendly onscreen controls & makes it easy to navigate & enjoy content on the go.

The iLuun Air is now available on Kickstarter in capacities of 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, & 256GB. Pricing starts at $49.

For a full rundown of the pledge levels visit the Kickstarter page. 

About iLuun Inc.

iLuun Inc. is a technology startup located in Dallas, TX. The team is comprised of experts specializing in both software and electronic hardware developments. iLuun’s team is passionate about creating products that set the bar high for innovation, design, and quality. The company recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for their new wireless USB flash drive, the iLuun Air.

For more information on iLuun, visit their website at

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