Finding Success The Dennis Bay Way

Dennis Bay, founder and CEO of F6 Global Group and The Dennis Bay Way.
An entrepreneur’s story – How one man overcame the impossible to build a multi-million business. The team from media network Affiliate Hall investigates.

It was in the early days of his business.He was on the wheel on a late night, returning home from a regular business trip in Malaysia. Less than ten kilometres away, he would be at the causeway; so close to home. But little did he know how close he would be to meeting death in the eye.

Dennis Bay, founder and CEO of F6 Global Group and The Dennis Bay Way, is no stranger to hard work – 16-hour work days, driving mile after mile to meet business partners, struggling to stay awake behind the wheel. That was the norm. Or at least in the early days of his fight.

Almost squashed to a pulp

“I’ve heard you mention the crash in Malaysia in one of your speeches. It was a life changing experience. Can you share more with us what exactly happened that night?” asked Teo from Affiliate Hall.

Pic: Dennis posing with one of his prized collections.

“I was feeling pretty drained from all the meetings and appointments that night,” replied Dennis. “I think it was around 1am. I was almost at the customs, before my car made a loud screeching sound.”

“Before I knew it,” he continued, “I was spinning so wildly with the car I felt like a rag doll violently shoved about by an almighty owner. The feeling was almost surreal. There was a deafening boom before the car finally glided to a stop.”

“Were you hurt?”

“Amazingly, I got out rather easily,” said Dennis with a laugh. “And the best part, I wasn’t even in the least hurt. I was unsure of the extent of the damage then, still dazed from the day’s events. After taking a good moment to savour the situation, did I realise the miraculous nature of the incident – The car had hit a hardy fence and spun three times. The bonnet was gone, as with the passenger seat. The car was mostly destroyed.”

“Only the driver seat, extraordinarily, remained undamaged,” he continued.

“That must have been quite a shock…”

“Yes, I found out from a local later on that everyone who witnessed the accident thought there was no way anyone would have survived the crash.”

Before the crash

Before the fateful night, Dennis had been trying hard to bring the F6 Global Group and The Dennis Bay Way to new heights. Countless hours of work had proven fruitful, but results were slow and gradual; it was a painful process. The steely entrepreneur stuck on nevertheless. He believed that to see results in his new travel business, or any business, this was necessary.

“Running a business require absolute amounts of tenacity,” he said. “I just have to do it.  I used to jokingly call it The Dennis Bay Way – Sticking to what I believe in. What kept me going was really the belief that things are going to get better.”

The turning point

“After the incident, quite immediately and for some unknown reason, things really started to get way better,” said Dennis.

“Before that, I was really working my guts off with variable results. I was unable to tap on the networks I’ve built previously, for commercial reasons, and I had to start from scratch. The period was one of the toughest I’ve had in my business life.”

“And today you’ve moved on to become the number earner in your niche, with over 800,000 members under you. Along your journey, what is the one most difficult thing, if there is, in business?”

“The most difficult thing in business, I guess, is not about managing the product or service or processes, it’s really about the people you work with,” replied Dennis.

“Choose your partners wisely. If it doesn’t work out well, as it sometimes happen, don’t dwell on it too much as well. Move on. Learn from it. Keep things amiable if possible and continue to hustle.”

“Like how you did after all these setbacks.”

“Yes, like I mentioned before. It is important to believe in what you do. And to stick to that belief. The crash reminded me of how fragile life can be. How important it is to cherish each and every day of your life. Whatever you want to do, learn all you can about it, talk to sensible mentors, and then just get on with it. Life’s too precious to not live to the fullest.”

The month following Dennis’ accident, his customer base ballooned from 400 to 900 paying customers. In two months, it doubled yet again to 1800 paying customers. By the end of the third month, the figure stands at 3000 paying customers. As of today, Dennis’ base boasts a staggering figure of over 800,000 customers.

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