Great Wines for a Great Cause: Supporting Local Non-Profit Organizations That Enrich the Lives of Special Needs Adults

NORWALK, CT – 10/13/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Humanity Marketing & Branding (HM&B) of Norwalk has launched a crowdfunding campaign to expand their unique give-back program to directly support local non-profit organizations that enrich the lives of adults with special needs, donating part of the proceeds from sales of their wines.  The flagship label, Nicole & Friends, The Wine That Loves People is named after Nicole, a developmentally delayed adult that resides in Norwalk, CT. 

Nicole Inspires a Maker of Fine Wines

“When I met my girlfriend, Kimberly, she told me she has a daughter with special needs called Nicole”, said Humanity Marketing & Branding CEO Michael Gilerman, “and Nicole took me on a life-changing journey into this fascinating world of people with special needs.” 

Since then, Michael, an experienced global business person and now importer of fine wines, and Humanity Marketing & Branding LLC and their great team have been working tirelessly to create fine quality / affordable wines that people love, telling the story of Nicole and her Friends (7.7 m and growing in the USA), and encouraging customers, merchants, and non-profit organizations to participate in this unique program.

Crowdfunding to Grow

“The more wines we sell, the more we can give back and the more people we can help”, said Gilerman.  “Our crowdfunding campaign will help us capture more markets and grow to spread the give-back program.”  The crowdfunding campaign initiated by HM&B can be found at .

About Humanity Marketing & Branding

Humanity Marketing & Branding has been selling wines and donating back to non-profit organizations in Connecticut since 2015. Humanity Marketing & Branding is based in Norwalk, CT, and their web address is .

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