Marijuana Entrepreneurs look to Weed “Dealers” for Inspiration

October 13, 2016 – Daytona Beach, Florida – The Marijuana Business is growing even faster than we all imagined. It certainly won’t be long until it becomes legal in all 50 states as well as other countries. Both seasoned and first time entrepreneurs are looking to get their piece of this industry that will likely surpass the growth last seen with the Dot Com boom.

From growing to accessories, edibles, and publishing, new weed related businesses are dotting the landscape at a record pace but there are still ground floor vistas to explore and conquer. The website is a “dealer” of sorts that also serves as a source of inspiration to those looking at weed as a new career. With hundreds of top level .com domain names all with a different Marijuana business idea behind them, just browsing the site sparks ideas of which part of the weed business you’d like to be involved in.

Every great business idea starts with a name. When you take some time to explore the hundreds of descriptive and brandable Marijuana domain names available on secondary markets, you’ll find your imagination moving as the different names create visions of the awesome Pot business opportunities that are out there. A Google search for weed domains or marijuana domains will steer you to companies selling domain names poised for success.

How much you pay for a premium domain name is relative. Your domain name reveals so much about your business and because of that, it is truly invaluable. Whether you pay $1000 or $10,000 for a great weed domain name, after expensing it over the life of your business, the notion of “price” disappears and the true value endures. People spend thousands of dollars for domain names every day because it is that important to business success, period.

CNBC recently reported that Economists, reformists, law enforcement authorities and the pro-marijuana lobby have come up with a variety of estimates of just how big the Marijuana Industry is. Put the pundits together and you get reports ranging from $10 billion to over $120 billion a year! Such a wide spread is hardly a solid answer but anything within that range is certainly worth tapping into.

If you are planning to create a Marijuana related presence that will really be felt on the internet, getting a great domain name is without a doubt a very smart starting point. Regarding the importance of a domain name, Tim Papadeas of said “A memorable domain name will open the door to the many opportunities that await those looking to cash in on the weed business, your website address is at the core of the brand that you will build”.

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