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13 Oct, 2016 – It is true that new parents often have a lot of concerns related to taking care of their newborn and choosing the best items for the baby to make their bundle of joy cosy and comfortable. They can now find relief through the site of

According to the spokesperson of Parent’s Rights USA, their site is loaded with well researched articles filled with useful information written in simple English languageto help parents understand easily. Each article on this site covers several issues parents would face in their everyday lives when handling, feeding or dealing the babies. As the real mom experts write these articles, the parents will be able to clear all the doubts about their babies. The article that explains the benefits of breastfeeding for the baby and the mother, would educate the mothers why they must breastfeed the babies. New moms will greatly benefit by referring to the articles on best breastfeeding positions, is it safe to smoke while breastfeeding and the reason behind the pain while nursing the baby and the easy ways to get relief. Parents who are worried about the growth and development of their babies can refer to the site of Parent’s Rights USA, as the site clearly explains the milestones and development stages of a 1 month baby to 1year baby to stay assured about their baby’s growth cycle.

When referring to the website link at, one would be able to understand the amazing benefits of breastfeeding the baby as the article covers a wide range of benefits for both the baby as well as the mother, to help the modern mom know the health advantages behind it. According to this article, breastfeeding benefits the baby by lowering the risk of SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome by 50%. As the mother’s milk has Colostrum, which improves the immune system of the baby and explains how working moms can make use of breast pumps to feed their baby with their milk even while are away at the office. The article also stresses how advantageous breastfeeding can be for mothers, as it can help them have stronger bones, have a better bond with their baby, delays ovulation, saves money and saves them the trouble of packing hot water and formula while travelling.

Apart from offering advice on baby care, the Parent’s Rights USA site also provides useful buying guides about choosing the best feeding bottles for the baby and finding the right formula for feeding. The link at provides detailed information about choosing the right kind of baby strollers. It comprises of express guide, why it is better than a carrier, factors to consider while buying and the best 10 baby strollers for this year 2016.

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Parent’s Rights USA is the one stop online resource for parents, as the site is loaded with information related to breastfeeding the baby, best positions to hold the baby, milestones and developmental stages of a baby and the ways to deal with other issues.

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