Strongman Central Launches a Website that Focuses on Strongman Lifting

United States – Strongman Central has launched a new website. The website will focus purely on Strongman Lifting. It’s mostly for people who are interested in strongman competitions. The newly launched website will be full of strongman-related content such as events, fitness, and lifting. The company founder says the blog will be for any person with a passion for lifting and placing back down heavy things.

In the words of Jason, who owns Strongman Central, “It has always been my desire to place more information in a single portal where strongman enthusiasts can learn more about something they are passionate about. This desire eventually birthed the passion for building a unique website. Consequently, the result is, which I have just launched. From this website, everybody can learn everything about strongman events.”

Jason says that he’s passionate about all forms of fitness. He nevertheless stresses his bias towards lifting heavy stuff before putting them down again. He claims that there’s no better feeling than lifting heavy weights. These are some of the reasons that convinced him of the need for creating a website that addresses the needs of people who share the same passion with him.

The site has information on Atlas Stones at

The site is filled with different types of content. For example, it has lessons for people who want to train for log press while keeping their backs free from damage. It features content that teaches the reader the best ways of lifting Atlas Stones. Although the website is relatively new, it is full of useful resources that give a better idea of how a strongman should prepare for events.

The website is great in this respect, considering that Atlas Stones is the competition that determines the strongest men in the world. Atlas Stones are the highlights of World’s Strongest Men contests. The competition has been running strong since its introduction in 1986. It involves lifting five heavy stones that are spherically-shaped. The first stone is the smallest and weighs 100kg. The last stone is the heaviest weighing 160kg.

Through the newly launched website, strongmen from around the world will learn how to prepare for Atlas Stones. The site features reviews and other amazing resources too. For this reason, you should use the information published below to learn more about Strongman Lifting and Atlas Stones.

Visit the newly launched website too for a chance to see, read and learn firsthand how to be a successful strongman competitor.

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