USA – 10/14/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — The early reviews are in, and Slickwraps’ line of wraps for the new Pixel and Pixel XL phones are generating the same kind of buzz as the devices themselves. 

Slickwraps “makes some of the best vinyl skins for modern flagship smartphones,” declares

The website notes that while Google’s new Pixel phones are the hottest thing going in the Android market, some people might not be crazy about their simplistic design. Slickwraps’ new wraps, in dozens of designs and colors, “are exactly what the proverbial doctor ordered.”, echoes that praise, saying Skickwraps “is known for its quality skins” that allow users to “keep phones shiny while making them look unique and keep their slim profile.”

Google introduced the Pixel phones last week, making what industry observers call its first serious move into the business (Nexus phones none withstanding.) Slickwraps was ready with nine wrap designs: Carbon, metal, wood,color, leather, glitz, stone,hemp and naked. With multiple colors available, there are 45 options altogether. They are priced at $14.60 except for the naked, which runs $18.95. , noted one more positive about the Slickwraps skins: they’re ready for shipping, meaning uses can have them by the time the Pixels actually arrive Oct. 20. 

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