The truth about probiotics, are they worth taking?

The truth about probiotics, are they good and how can you tell?

PHOENIX, AZ – 10/14/2016 — Everyone should experience the extraordinary benefits of probiotics! The Mayo Clinic (Do I need to include probiotics and prebiotics in my diet?) And Berkly Studies (Probiotics Pros and Cons) agree! The frustrating reality is sometimes people try a probiotic for a month or so and do not notice a significant difference, if any difference at all. This is because NOT all probiotics are worth buying! All probiotics are not effective and some probiotic will not work therefore price and integrity of the product should be considered before making a selection.

Probiotics can 100% make your stomach feel better regularly.

For instance, if someone experiences stomach issues such as heartburn, a regular probiotic can replace other harmful prescription like anti-acids. Dry skin or funky skin abnormalities, a quality probiotic will help keep skin issues under control. Antibiotics kill good bacteria in the intestines and the gut is drained of necessary good bacteria, which a probiotic can replace. A regular dose of probiotic will boost the immune system and help to prevent infection. Backed up with a clogged colon? A live active probiotic can clear the colon much different than a violent laxative. Overall digestion will improve if a probiotic is implemented into a daily health regiment. How well the product is made will affect the results of taking a regular probiotic.

Probiotics can be dead?

Sometimes probiotics do not survive and consuming dead probiotics will not achieve the claimed results that most people are looking for in a probiotic.  There are hundreds of bad quality, or dead probiotics that fill the store shelves. However, before ruling probiotics out make sure it’s a good one! A bad probiotic can lead to a bad “GUT FEELING” that it isn’t working. For this reason price often determines how well a probiotic is going to work.

Price is a direct correlation to a good quality probiotic

Much like a night out to dinner can cost $5 for fast food or $500 for fine cuisine; all probiotics are not made with the same quality ingredients or care. Some probiotics do not work because they have little probiotics to begin with or they died during the handling process. Differently, a good probiotic is made with live active cultures and handled with care. The art to making and keeping probiotics fresh, alive, and abundant in a pill form takes great ingredients, money, and time.

Effectiveness of a probiotic

Before ruling out the effectiveness of a probiotic or selecting a new probiotic remember to consider price, the overall integrity of how the probiotic is made, and preserved. A good rule of thumb is to spend $30-$55, therefore if it cost $10 the chances of the probiotic being effective are minimal. Retailers like Sprouts, HI Health, GNC, Whole Foods and It Works Distributors offer different quality probiotics that can cost between $5-$50.  

Probiotics in Conclusion

Much like a steak from a fast food window will not taste the same as a steak at a fine steakhouse, a probiotic can change overall health and wellness if the right product is selected. Bottom line is, the money spent on probiotics is directly correlated with quality because of how delicate a probiotic is made and preserved.

For more information on the future of probiotics check out Stanford Medicine study (The future of probiotics)

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