AID Foundation Association Membership Grows as Attorney General Intervention Gains Publicity

3rd Party ADA Lawsuits Now Being Prepped for New Association Members Strengthens AID’s Compliance Mission

Phoenix, Arizona – As the Arizona Attorney General continues to try to allow THOUSANDS of business to get away with their discrimination against individuals with disabilities more and more committed individuals are stepping up and joining the Advocates for Individuals with Disabilities Foundation’s (“AID”) association to make Arizona ADA compliant.  

AID has filed thousands of ADA related cases in Arizona and the Arizona Attorney General, Mark Brnovich (“AG”), took great effort to cause the court to combine all 1,289 of AID’s open cases into just a single case so that they all could be dismissed WITHOUT requiring any discriminating ADA violators to correct any ADA violation.  In his motions (see Attorney General’s Motions), the AG specifically states he is not contesting that AID has documented THOUSANDS of civil right ADA violations but simply that he wants to stop AID from filing more cases because he claims AID doesn’t have the right to sue. 

See Tasks Attorney General’s Office to Investigate Over 9,000 Documented ADA Violators

AID, its association members and other similarly minded individuals see great benefit in the information supplied by the AG and defendant’s counsel, which is effectively an “instruction manual” for how AID’s association members etc. can now pursue much stronger enforcement actions.  With this new information, and AID’s support and backing, AID’s association members plan to personally file their own ADA enforcement actions in order to further the goal of ADA compliance throughout Arizona.


AID is actively and aggressively assisting a growing number of its 3rd party association members who are now in the process of first inspecting the same addresses of the 1,289 consolidated cases which AID previously discovered external ADA violations and have continued to fight AID against becoming their locations compliant. These new inspections by 3rd parties using improved practices are being performed by individuals with strong “standing” will NOT just be limited to exterior parking compliance but will also include a thorough interior inspection for all ADA violations.  Mr. Callan, the de facto representative of AID said, “These inspections will no longer just be limited to exterior violations but also focusing on violations within the interior as well…  Due to the effective “instruction manual” provided by the AG and defendant’s counsel, AID believes its association members can now successfully and freely bring their own new suits against these ADA violating public accommodations, even if the AG is successful in getting all of AID’s cases dismissed.”  

Mr. Callan further stated “I know AID, its association members and or associates etc. will never give up.  They are not quitters and this is NOT about money, it’s about compliance.  The AG and others have ignored these ADA violators for far too long, it’s time to take a stand and not back down due to threats and or intimidation from business owners, the press or the AG.  I volunteer and commit to complete or assist in this worthy mission however needed.”

AID’s altruistic intentions and results remain pure and highly effective… To date AID’s enforcement efforts have cost over $1.7 Million, with nearly $800,000 just in court related filing fees.  While ALL of AID’s compliance settlement agreements require timely ADA violation correction guarantees, some settlement agreements also include a negotiated cash component averaging approx. $3,900 per case to cover legal, filing, operational and further compliance actions, etc. Never $10,000 per case and far less than media sources falsely portray.  The reason that it is necessary for AID to receive these settlement proceeds as part of settlement (approx. $1.2M to date) is to partially subsidize the costs of identifying, documenting, bringing and managing widespread ADA enforcement actions.  Doing so is very costly, and AID does not use any public tax payer’s funds to investigate and enforce ADA laws.  AID’s altruistic efforts and results are made abundantly clear by the fact that AID always has, currently is and anticipates it will continue to operate at a substantial loss reaching many hundreds of thousands of dollars.  It is definitely clear that AID is NOT “enriching itself”, “lining its pockets” or “just in it for the money” because AID hasn’t and doesn’t expect to make a profit. Do the math… (AID’s expenses of $1,700,000 minus $1,200,000 collected settlement funds equals a current deficit of over $500,000)

AID is pleased with the growing understanding and support of its mission by not only its growing membership base, but also those who support AID’s efforts privately or secretly because of their fears of repercussions or retaliation from those without disabilities.  AID is not fearful of such retaliation and shall not succumb to such negative pressures.

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About Advocates for Individuals with Disabilities – Foundation

Advocates for Individuals with Disabilities – Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit company was formed in January 2016 as Civil Rights Champions in order to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities through charitable gifts, opportunities and the removal of equal access barriers for the over 43 million Americans who live with disabilities caused by one or more conditions. sends warning notices to businesses and then acts as private attorneys general to ensure ADA compliance.’s focus is on the most readily visible exterior equal access barriers which Federal, State and Attorney Generals have failed to enforce over the last 26 years. feels that these violations are a clear indicator of interior ADA violations, which we hope the violating business voluntarily correct.  

“For the ADA to yield its promise of equal access for the disabled, it may indeed be necessary and desirable for committed individuals to bring serial litigation advancing the time when public accommodations will be compliant with the ADA.” is committed to bring serial litigation and is primarily self-funded though litigation settlement agreements and private funding.

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