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Tampa, Fl – October 14, 2016 – If you are interested in posting and selling your product to a vast online community, consider the new up and coming sales platform – Providing its online community with a commission free service, Dollar Posting rivals its competitors by allowing its users to sell and buy their products without having to pay a commission to the site itself. In other words, all profit made by the sell of the item is kept by the individual user.

What’s more, individuals posting to Dollar Posting may post individual products or list their store pages, which opens a huge door for the individuals searching for success with their growing businesses. Members of Dollar Posting also have the opportunity to post classified ads and share their blog pages. Thus, the Dollar Posting domain acts as a site for individuals to come together to share and sell their products and related information.

Furthermore, the Dollar Posting community is a secure one, which each user being required to register as a member before enjoying the full advantages of the product and service listing site. Though the site is a commission free listing style domain, members are required to pay a mere $1.97 per month after first receiving a free trial lasting for one week.

Also setting apart Dollar Posting from the more popular competitors is its use of a leaderboard system that acts as an incentive that encourages user activity. This incentive based leaderboard system rewards top sellers and bloggers by providing eligibility in a raffle-styled drawing that gives a large dollar prize to the winning blogger and or seller. Bloggers receiving the most visits and collective attention from the Dollar Posting community will be eligible for a $100 reward that will increase in value over time.

On the other end of the spectrum, Dollar Posting users selling the most items will also find themselves eligible for a similar $100 reward. This leaderboard system encourages use and facilitates community throughout the Dollar Posting site. What’s more, by limiting the user to win a maximum of two times per year, Dollar Posting executives encourage a fair system of reward by providing ample opportunity for several different winners throughout the year.

With so many online listing sites in circulation, it can be difficult to trust a new site or to determine which domain is best for the listing of your product and service. However, Dollar Posting is superlative when compared to the competition. By creating lots of opportunity to achieve success, earn rewards, popularize your blogs and interests, Dollar Posting is an up and coming product listing platform that would love to host you and your next product!

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