USA – 15 Oct, 2016 – WRITTEN, CREATED and PRODUCED by RIZ STORY; TogethermenT Records & Films has put forth a heartfelt must have motion picture music Soundtrack and a must see film coming soon to theaters.  The A Winter Rose Soundtrack solidifies that listening to the songs and adding them to your music collection is well worth it.  Carefully written, produced and selected to be on this compilation each song mesmerizes the soul; and; while listening; you can’t escape wanting to hear them over and over again.

Take the releases to recording artist Ethereal single, “Scattered Time” debuting the Billboard Hot Singles Chart @ #11, the DRT Top 50 Pop Chart @#39, DRT Top 100 Independent Chart @#50 and DRT Top 200 Chart @ #185; and; hitting the Billboard and DRT Charts was Country artist Cooper Alan’s single “Carolina Saturday Night” debuting the Billboard Hot Singles Chart @14, the DRT’s Top Country Chart @ #39, DRT’s Top 100 Independent Chart @#50 and DRT’s Top 200 Chart @#183; and; the release to artist Lilith nitty-gritty unfiltered street cut “Badass Bitch” also debuting the Billboard Hot Singles Chart @#10, DRT’s Top R&B/Hip Hop Chart @ #30, DRT’s Top Independent Chart @ #14 and DRT’s Top 200 @ #119, all songs still climbing. With the singles hitting the Charts shows proof that the AWR Soundtrack is with commercially strong songs and are of great productions that are beautifully delivered by each of the talented artists with videos produced to their singles that can be watched on YouTube. This is just the beginning.  The Soundtrack is made-up of 26 powerful songs that are also very capable to becoming top charting releases. 

The artists comprising the Soundtrack are of pop, rock, country, new age to r&b/hip hop.  Looking to call attention to the AWR Soundtrack, TogethermenT [teaming-up with TMG Street Pride, who is handling promotions and distribution of the Soundtrack] uniquely put together the idea to releasing multiple individual selections where it is thought to be an ingenious strategy to stir-up the public’s interest for the movie. 

The “A Winter Rose” motion picture starring Kimberly Whalen [who also displays her artistically talents on the AWR Soundtrack] is an epic and timeless tale of an upcoming singer.  Winter was orphaned at cradle.  She rose to fame from the darkness abyss of abandonment, substance abuse and alcoholism.  Her life changed when she met her musical prodigal who died of cancer and passed her celebrity-baton to the young singer.  The film [to be distributed by Clark Films] also carries a superb cast of known celebrities and supporting co-stars as Bill Zane, Paul Sarvino, Theresa Russell, George Lazenby [to name a few].  In 2014; at the fame Hollywood Chines Theater; TogethermenT Records & Films screened [to a raving audience] an earlier version of the “A Winter Rose” movie. The film received grave reviews from NBC’s Extra, Variety Magazine and The Los Angeles Times.  With the success of the screening; TogethermenT refined the film and the movie is now ready for release to the general public.

The excitement remains as the “A Winter Rose” musical phenomenal is off to a great start to becoming the social media “buzz” for 2016 and beyond.  

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