Generational Diversity Expert, Dr. Chip Espinoza, Completes Seminal Work “Millennials @ Work”

It is no secret that young adults, commonly referred to as Millennials, grew up in a culture radically different from those of the generations that preceded them. Not only were school environments tailored to be non-confrontational and encouraging, but Twenty-Somethings also experienced one of the most impactful periods of economic and political turmoil in American history. While this has shaped many of their attitudes about inclusivity and relationship building, it has provided them with little preparation for the competitive, even cutthroat business world.

A new book entitled “Millennials @ Work: The 7 Skills Every Twenty-Something (and their Manager) Needs to Overcome Roadblocks and Achieve Greatness” by noted generational expert Dr. Chip Espinoza details the contrasts that mark this new generation of young adults. “Millennials @ Work” also pinpoints the seven essential skills that Millennials require to survive and succeed in the workplace. These include:

• Relationship building
• Getting specifics of work assignments
• Viewing the Big Picture
• Focusing instead of multi-tasking
• Integrating feedback
• Owning work outcomes
• Adding value to the organization

“Millennials @ Work” is intended to help ease Millennials into the work environment as well as prepare business managers for integrating these positive, high-energy workers into their companies. The book also includes a Workplace Readiness Assessment which helps determine the specific attitudes and opinions of new millennial employees.

Dr. Chip Espinoza is one of the country’s most recognized experts on the subject of generational diversity in the business world. He has consulted with major organizations like Boeing, Microsoft and the Special Olympics. He has also served as a content expert for CNN, Fox News, and CBS Radio. Dr. Espinoza also was named as one the top 15 Global Thought Leaders on the Future of Work by the Economic Times.

Although Dr. Espinoza has completed writing “Millennials @ Work,” this major work has not yet been printed. In order to complete this important project, Dr. Espinoza has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise $57,000 which will be used for printing and inventory, book launch and marketing. In return for your contribution, you may receive T-shirts, copies of the book, photo on the cover, personal webinar, or a keynote speaking event. To learn more about “Millennials @ Work” or to make a financial contribution, please visit:

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