10 Performance Launches New Affiliate Website at Mr. Olympia 2016


Tampa, FL – Suppliers of pure, all-natural health products, TEN Institute has announced the rebranding of its affiliate program as 10 Performance. Now up and running, the new affiliate website was officially launched at The Olympia Fitness and Performance Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, September 15 to 18, 2016.

During the expo, the main event, Mr. Olympia, takes place among a showcase of healthcare and fitness products in the wellness, health and fitness industry. The rebranding was well-received by industry professionals and has been welcomed by athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and health and wellness advocates alike.

10 Performance manufactures and supplies American-made, FDA-compliant products to aid recovery, muscle building, weight loss, and general wellness.

Their products are formulated using only the cleanest ingredients; these products contain no fillers or binders and can aid athletes in achieving their peak potential, entirely naturally.


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10 Performance Launches New Affiliate Website at Mr. Olympia 2016 from BioLab Naturals on Vimeo.

10 Performance’s range of quality products includes pre-workout formulas, deer antler extract formulas to support recovery, Hydro Cell Enhancer for maximum hydration, Targeted Peptide Recovery, and D3-K2 Vitamin Complex.

This diverse product line is endorsed by Shawn Ramirez, a two-time Masters CrossFit Games Champion. As an athlete over 40, Ramirez has enthused about the products, citing increased energy levels going into workouts and better recovery times after working out.

Stylish tees and tank tops emblazoned with the company’s logo “10 Performance” are also available for purchase from the website, and shipping is free for orders over $75.

In addition, the 10 Performance website features news items on topical subjects. Currently, there is an article by Miami Surge athlete, nutrition coach and consultant, Nicole Capurso, on the Pro-Metabolic Enhancer product. The Importance of Hydration was written by CrossFit athlete and flexible dieting coach, Riki Long.

Public relations and media for the 10 Performance site-launch at the 2016 Olympia was provided by Rob Sims Photography Studios. An accomplished celebrity photographer, and one of the most published magazine photographers in the world today, Sims specializes in photographing and advertising female fitness models, and has a fan base of over 30 million. His work has appeared in Oxygen, Newsweek, Iron Man, Hello, FHM, Muscle Mag, Loaded, and Maxim. In addition, his work has been featured on the Reuters Billboard in New York City, and displayed on numerous billboards throughout the US. Also a publisher, Sims owns Fit Models International, Women’s Health and Fitness, and Fit Body magazines. World renowned photographer and producer, Rob Sims, will continue to provide ongoing content for Ten Performance’s digital and social media outlets.

The Rob Sims Studios models that were a part of the 10 Performance media team included:

Katy got into the fitness industry 20 years ago while training at “the Mecca of Bodybuilding”.

She has competed in bikini, fitness and Weightlifting events all over the country as well as abroad, winning a silver medal at the USAW Masters American Open along with several 1st and top 5 placing in NPC bikini and fitness. She’s is a cover model and has been featured in magazines and books.

In 2008 she found CrossFit a training system that finally encompassed fully what she believed in — that you can look great and still be healthy and functional. Becoming a L1 CrossFit Trainer in 2009 and opening Karma CrossFit in Manhattan Beach California 5 months later.

Eating to maximize health and performance isn’t what the magazines push but Katy teaches people how to eat clean, optimize their movement, feel and look great.

Laura Ann is a wellness expert specializing in; nutritional education, fitness goals, weight management, wellness goals, and healthy living. She empowers transformation through personalized coaching, health coaching, and training programs. Laura She is also, a natural physique competitor who has been competing for 10 year, fitness model for three years, and who has expertise in social media skills.

Laura enjoys teaching and training like-minded individuals how reach their goals while improving health and vitality through wellness coaching, nutritional cleansing/cellular replenishing, and nutritional counseling.

Shauna Lee Brennan is an elite athlete, fitness model and National level Figure Competitor in the NPC. She has a Master’s degree in Speech Pathology and uses her professional training as a communication specialist to conduct interviews and be the spokesperson for products and companies in the fitness and nutrition industry. She is completing her certification as a Nutrition Coach and strives daily to inspire others to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Tammi Bradford started her fitness journey in as a participant on a local TV morning news segment, Fresh Start to Fitness, where she documented her training routines and transformation as part of a 5 week “bikini challenge.” Following this challenge, Tammi went on to train and compete as a natural figure athlete, and became a published fitness and calendar model, exclusive to Rob Sims Studios.

Tammi has the distinct honor of being named Rob Sims Studios Model of the Year and Utah’s Top Fitness Model in both 2014 and 2015, and has worked as the main spokesperson for several fitness-based companies. With more than 20 years of public speaking experience, Tammi has expanded her resume to include interviewing the top fitness personalities in the industry at the biggest events and expos across the country, including the Olympia, the Arnold Sports Festival, and the Emerald Cup.

Website: http://10performance.com

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