DISHING IT OUT 2016 is an 11-month series of political/satirical events, curated by Diane Bush, a globally published and exhibited artist, from N.Y. state, now in Las Vegas. The goal is to entertain, while encouraging involvement and registering voters, by holding monthly art happenings leading up to the October First Friday “Let America Break Again”, a cheeky patriotic art carnival.

The very last part of the project will occur on election night, November 8, one minute after the polls close, when “The Final Tally” will open to the public. The one-night event will allow the public to watch election results come in, with art, art creators and Mexican food trucks. this project has brazenly promoted Free Speech, registered voters, and helped the public cope with presidential election stress, through humor.

Having grown up politically active during the late 60s, and having been hounded by the F.B.I. for her activism, a kitschy Presidential souvenir plate impressed Ms. Bush as a new means of expression. “I was inspired to use the plate as a new way to express myself while allowing the public to break something.”

“The FINAL TALLY” will celebrate all the artwork previously shown at the 7 earlier art exhibits, plus new work not previously seen. Highly collectible candidate mugs and new plates will be available for purchase. A raffle ticket for the first printed set of plates (5 sets in all) will be drawn at 8:00 pm.

Bush invited 61 artists across the nation to create work in any medium, representing each candidate for possible fabrication as ceramic plates, as well as artwork about American politics. Works not selected for plates were exhibited as fine art, at one of the 8 exhibits.

Artists: Bruce Adams (NY), Lynn Adamson Adrian (NV), Adesco “Dayo” Adelaja (NV), Greg Allred (NV), Steven Baskin (NV), Blair Baskin (PA), Montana Black (MV), Bill Bon (NV), Mark Brandvik (NV), Barbara Brass (PA), Suz Brna (CO), Diane Bush (NV), Sandra Camomile (PA), Cecilia Clark (CA), Gig Depo (NV), Joseph DeLappe (NV), Luis del Castillo (NV), Lolita Develay (NV), Brian Duffy (NY), Justin Favela (NV), Susanne Forestieri (NV), Stewart Freshwater (NV), Anita Gian (NY), Ellen Furstner (OR), Kytha Gernatt (CA), Jennifer Henry (NV), Bobbie Ann Howell (NV), Timothy Hutto (NYC), Rossana Jeran and Martin Diggs (CA and KS), Michael Kabbash (NJ), Betsy Kelleher (NYC), Leslie Love Stone (CA), Sarah Lee Marks (NV), Gerald Mead (NY), Aaron McMasters (WA), Dan Mills (ME), Lynn Morris (NV), Kim O’Brien (NV), Rob Price (NY), Heather Protz (NV), Dain Quentin Gore (AZ), Krystal Ramirez (NV), Stu Rapeport (CA), Jerry Ross (OR), Sean Russell (NV), Victoria Reynolds (CA), Donald Rilea (NV), Chad Scott (NV), Aaron Sheppard (CA), Steve Sherrell (IL), Lance L. Smith (NV), Peter Sowiski (NY), Erin Stellmon (ML) Jim Stanford (NV), Strych9 (NV), Kat Tatz (NV), Romy Umholtz (NV), Jeffrey Vallance (CA), Jeanne Voltura (NV), Paula Weiner (PA), Richard White (CT), Laura Zollar (NV).

“THE FINAL TALLY”, will take place at the Victor Xiu gallery, Art Square 1025 S. 1st. Street, Las Vegas. This project is funded in part by the Nevada Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts, The Puffin Foundation, First Friday, ROCK the VOTE, and individual donations.

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